Correggia Roero Arneis 2019 New Vintage Release

The Correggia winery continues to set the pace for other wineries in the area, providing topics for discussion and food for thought. GAMBERO ROSSO

I have been drinking the Correggia wines since my student days, and have rarely been disappointed, especially at the entry-level, where so many of these wines also deliver fabulous value. ANTONIO GALLONI

It makes me thirsty to announce the arrival of Matteo Correggia’s 2019 Roero Arneis. There is quite a bit of competition around the ever-so versatile Arneis these days. The varietal has been growing in Roero for many years and once dominated the region as the only wine produced from Roero.

We, at Prince, believe very few producers can offer the quality that the late Matteo Correggia’s family achieves year after year. Their entry level Arneis is fantastic value and is great for drinking all year round. The aromatics are heavenly and the wine is complex. It is hard to find something of this caliber at this price, but we’ve done it just for you and we are proud of that.

Giovanni (son of Matteo) and his team continue to push the envelope and strive for excellence in this price category. Giovanni achieves an extra layer of complexity in the wine by allowing the fermenting juice to sit on skins for a portion of the time. This method adds another dimension of texture and is where the wine gets its elegant aromatics from. Drinking this Arneis is like rolling in a field of wildflowers among the hills of Italy while eating a perfectly ripe peach.

When the family of the late Matteo Correggia speaks of their efforts I can’t help but feel deeply inspired.The Matteo Correggia business boils down to 3 things: passion, drive, and a deeply rooted legacy.

Hearing Giovanni speak about his father and the vineyards it is clear that it is a true honour for him to work the land that his father once cultivated. You can get a real sense of what I mean by watching the Cantina’s beautifully produced video here. Take 10 minutes and get to know Giovanni – I promise you’ll be better for it.

It is my pleasure to offer savings over 20% when you buy a straight dozen, making this wine uber affordable at $30 a bottle.