Coursodon New Arrivals 2021

New Releases from one of the Rhone Valley’s most talented wine makers – Jerome Coursodon

Coursodon is one of the producers helping to raise the image of the appellation. JOE CZERWINSKI, The Wine Advocate

One of my favorite estates in the Northern Rhône is that of the young Jerome Coursodon, who makes a bevy of brilliant St Josephs from his roughly 16 hectares of vines. He’s another progressive winemaker who has one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and the wines shows impeccable purity of fruit while remaining classic St Joseph. Don’t miss these wines! JEB DUNNUCK, The Wine Advocate

Jérome Coursodon’s fruit-forward wines fly under the radar in the US, but that’s not the case in Europe. He told me that he typically sells all of his wines within a couple of months of bottling, but he holds back about 10 percent of his production to offer to visitors who drop by the family cellar in Mauves. Coursodon likes to bottle his wines on the early side “to preserve the freshness and let the wines age in bottle, not in barrel.” While my experience with older bottles from this 16-hectare domain (13.5 planted to Syrah and the rest to Marsanne and Roussanne), both red and white, has proven that the wines do age well, I personally prefer to drink them on the young side, for their dynamic fruit. JOSH RAYNOLDS

Arriving in the village of Mauves from the south, one first passes Domaine Pierre Gonon, then Jean-Louis Chave and finally Coursodon, all within a few hundred yards of each other. It’s a stellar trio of vignerons to be sure, with Jerome Coursodon not at the same level of stardom as the others, but he’s not too far behind, either. For consumers, it’s a good opportunity to purchase some top-flight Saint-Josephs before price escalation sets in. Coursodon seems equally adept with white and red JOE CZERWINSKI, Wine Advocate 2020

Despite their forward fruit and liveliness, Jérome Coursodon told me that he thinks his 2018s “will live a long life on their balance.” Two thousand eighteen gave him a healthy crop, he said, “but more important is that the wines have good weight and ripeness.” He pointed out that it’s rare “to get both healthy or high yields and also have richness,” adding that “the problem with some wines that are too concentrated is that they never really become elegant.” Warming to the subject of examples where elegance can trump weight, he pointed to past vintages that were considered wanting for brawn compared to the previous year on release, like 2006 after 2005, 2004 after 2003, and 2000 following 1999. He thinks that they are now drinking wonderfully “and 2018 is definitely a richer, and superior, vintage to all of those, for sure.” JOSH RAYNOLDS

Jerome Coursodon should be a super star. We should sell out of these wines pre arrival every year. People should be clambering to get their allocations. While he has garnered a strong following here, and those that know the wines love them, he doesn’t get anywhere near the attention he deserves. The quote above sums it up when he compares Coursodon to Gonon and JL Chave! Like I said, the guy should be a super star.

His new releases, 18 reds and 19 whites have just landed. I strongly encourage anyone who loves the Rhone to give these serious consideration.

Based in Mauves, the heart and soul of St Joseph (this is an important, the commune is a sprawling mix of sites of varying importance. At it’s heart are the impossibly steep terraces above Mauves. This is where the great wine lives!), and where the greatest sites in the region are located, Jerome has been steadfastly producing some of the most sumptuous and gorgeous wines in the Northern Rhone for a good while now. I think it is fair to say that today he is one of the region’s small handful of truly great producers.

They are always wines of grace, lively in nature and brimming with character. Like a number of his fans, I like to drink them on the younger side while they still sing with the exuberance of youth that he manages to capture and transfer to bottle every year. They do age, and age well, but I prefer them on the upward swing while all the fruit is bursting with life still.

I had a bottle of the new Silice Rouge recently and it was everything I have come to expect from Jerome. Such a wonderfully slick and suave package. All joyous fruit, subtle spice and a graceful, mouth filling presence tinged by ripples of rocky minerality. They just deliver so much pleasure.

However you like to drink his wines, the thing is you should be drinking his wines. We don’t have much, we don’t get a great deal, and I hope people enjoy them as much as we all do here.