Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2016

Pat and Dianne Carmody are what you might call salts of the earth, and make literally exceptional wines that have an unusual capacity to age JANCIS ROBINSON MW

A winery with a proud 19th-century record, Craiglee recommenced winemaking in 1976 after a prolonged hiatus. Produces one of the finest cool climate Shirazs in Australia, redolent of cherry, licorice and spice. JAMES HALLIDAY

I know a lot of my emails may come across as a touch over the top. It’s worth noting that we only send offers on a tiny, tiny fraction of the wines we taste and so I make no apologies and am really just setting the scene for what it coming next… If you don’t like this wine you are wrong!
While not everyone may know the, somewhat, reclusive Pat Carmody, most Australian wine buyers will be familiar with his iconic brand Craiglee. Usually an offer for Craiglee includes a reasonably long run down on the history, winemaking and some info on the vineyards. Today I think that will just bury the lead. The story here is simple, this is absolutely gorgeous. Very much in the style and vein of Pat’s wines, which are among my favourite in Australia. It is also cheap, very cheap, for what it delivers.

It’s like classic Craiglee, mint leaf, ripe, generous blue and red fruits, slick spicy notes but everything is a little more primary and it has an airier, inviting feel. It’s a mid-weight number that hits the palate with such a cool and relaxed feel that you really just want to drink it, lots of it. Both of the reviews, listed below, refer to “charm” and I think that’s the overall sense you get from this beautiful rendition of Australian Shiraz, a sense of easy-going charm. A sensual and elegant expression from one of our most important and loved producers. Thanks for the wine Pat.

I am not sure there is much more to say here. We are offering the wine with a more than 20% discount in straight dozens and six packs making it only $35 each.

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