Crawford River Riesling 2018

Mature riesling from arguably Australia’s pre-eminent riesling producer – in the context, of course, that there’s a lot of stiff competition for that mantle. CAMPBELL MATTINSON

This year Crawford River Wines is 45 years young.  In this time the Thomson family have firmly established a reputation as one of our country’s best wine producers with Riesling the jewel in their crown. The fact that they can trade on name recognition alone is an indication of their hard work and dedication, and perhaps allude to the fact that they were one of the early few to seek out Henty as a region to build their vinous dream.

As for Riesling the Crawford River style remains tightly wound, energetic and pure.  They are, thrilling on release but do deliver much more with even a small amount of time in bottle. Even the nine months this wine has had since being on the market has revealed a few more fine layers of detail. These will continue to unfurl gracefully for a couple more decades at least, but for now it’s a wine of excellent finesse that deserves some early enjoyment.

Riesling is truly one of Australia’s great grapes and remarkably still undervalued. This is solidified by not only the quality of our best producers, but the diversity of them, stretching across our country. Any serious wine collector should have a corner for Australian Riesling and Crawford River should be amongst those wines.