Dirty Three All the Dirts 2019 Pinot Offer

Winemaker Marcus Satchell has been in Gippsland for around a dozen years – part of the renaissance for the large Victorian wine region. MIKE BENNIE

You may not be familiar with Dirty Three Wines, unless of course you have been reading our emails for a few years or have stumbled across this remarkable winery somewhere else. I can assure you though that Marcus Satchell is one of the best talents we have in Vic and while you may not know of his own venture you would no doubt be familiar with some of the places he has worked over the years.

Worth pointing out that Satchy (I have never actually heard anyone call him Marcus before. I have to wonder if even his mum called him Satchy…) is a Gippsland boy. Has worked in the Gippsland wine industry for longer than basically anyone else. Has helped reshape and mould that region and it’s wines over a long time. He has mentored a lot of the new talent down there. For many years we have all talked about the potential of the region and the coming of age of Gippsland in recent years rests in part on the shoulders of this man.

As to the wine. Well, Satchy makes a number of single site, sub regional wines appropriately labelled Dirt One, Two and Three. The All The Dirts is blend of sites, some from these and I believe some from other sources he works with, designed to give a full regional expression but also with a firm focus on pure drinkability and upfront pleasure. The 2019 is nothing short of a knockout for the money. Anyone, and there was a lot of you, who purchased some last year will know how good these are, well this year’s rendition is even better. Just so super seductive and utterly delicious in its well rounded and sexy delivery of fruit and spice. Well played good sir, an outstanding effort.

I usually remove scores from wines like this when we offer them as I would rather people read what people like Mr Walsh (review below) has to say about the wine rather than the number attributed to it. In this case I left it in as I think it highlights just how good this is for $32 a bottle. There is a lot of wine produced out there that doesn’t hit that mark and is a lot more expensive.

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