Dockyard Gin Summer 2021

It’s all about provenance. Using local ingredients. Grain to glass. GERALD DIFFEY, Gerald’s Bar

There is a deliciously floral hit to the nose, with elderflower and orris tumbling together close to the surface. Sugary sweet, with a subtle, almost woody juniper and a mystery vanilla hint, Dockyard Gin smells intriguing and surprisingly progressive, given its relatively classic botanical line up. GIN FOUNDRY,


Dockyard Gin is made at the revamped Chatham dockyards in Kent on the River Thames.  This is an incredible story of hope borne from the derelict dockyards of Chatham.

The production prowess behind this gin is next level. Everything is local-centric, even the grain spirit is made on sight and farmed from fields within 40 kilometres of the distillery.  And of course, many of the botanicals are sourced locally including the fragrant elderflowers.

Only a handful of distilleries make their spirits from grain to glass, and this is one of them. Having full control over every step of production is evident in this high-class flavoursome gin.

When the dockyards ceased operating in 1984, huge job losses were felt in the local area as well as empty building shells. With this in mind, Bob Russell and his sons Matthew and Stephen have breathed life back into the dockyards, reinstating it back to its former glory days when it was home to the Royal Navy.  They’ve bought engineering, innovation and industry back to the area. As well as a world-class gin.

While they are classical in their production, the clarity and definition of the botanicals articulate a skilled and modern approach. This gin is invigorating and wonderfully detailed. Just add tonic.

Included in the botanical mix are Italian juniper berries, locally sourced elderflower, Bulgarian coriander seeds, Spanish orange peel, Italian lemon peel, Guatemala green cardamom, grains of paradise from Africa, European angelica root and orris root. As well as their own neutral grain spirit and Kentish chalk filtered water.

Purists would love this served as a martini, or you can play around with it in a refreshing summer cocktail. I’ll be having mine with tonic and a wedge of citrus (pink grapefruit is delicious).

We’re very happy to have added this to our import folio earlier this year.  Hand on heart it’s one of our favourite gins and we’ll be splashing it around this summer with friends and family.