Domaine la Roubine 2017 Releases

Regular PWS Rhone buyers will no doubt be well acquainted with superb wines of ex-parisean fireman Eric Ughetto & his wife Sophie. Eric returned to the family farm in 1990, establishing the couples own label in 2000.

Domaine la Roubine occupy the hillside slopes east-north-east of Chateauneuf du Pape with 12.5 Hectares of choice vineyards in adjoining appellations: Sablet, Gigondas & Vacqueryas. 

Although these regions can play second fiddle to the famed wines of Chateauneuf du Pape, their generally cooler micro-climates allow winemaker Eric Ughetto to pick later for some high-toned cherry fruit whilst maintaining that ‘drink me’ tension and quality in his wines. They sit right in the pocket, balancing a rich but pure red-fruit profile with enough earth,  bramble and herbs to send anyone straight to the beautiful sun soaked hills of the southern rhone.

If you like your Rhone reds to pack plenty of fruit, depth & character into a bottle at great prices, then these are definitely your jam.   Domaine la Roubines' Gigondas sits at the top of the tree in terms of gravitas and complexity, their Vacqueyras typically exudes more 'power' whilst the Sablet is the lighter of the three combining that freshness with delicious crunchy fruit.

Don’t forget to purchase back up bottles as all three wines are way more slippery than you expect at first sip. PWS