Domaine Weinbach 2018 Release

Weinbach, based in Kientzheim, is one of the star domaines of Alsace. JAMIE GOODE,

I have already nailed my colours to the mast by listing Domaine Weinbach in my 100 Most Iconic Wine Estates book. I am always absolutely mesmerised by the thrilling wines from this Domaine. MATTHEW JUKES

With the Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Ste-Catherine in my glass, for a moment I become lost in the memories of earlier vintages poured in this room… In spite of it being the most powerful and concentrated of [Weinbach’s dry Rilesings], it still has a certain delicacy, rather than flexing its muscles. And then we taste back though some of those earlier vintages, and I find the wines acquire a filigree with age, which makes their beauty seem timeless. STUART PIGOTT, Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Story

Domaine Weinbach is arguably one of the world’s greatest wine estates. Over the years, the Faller family has produced myriad fantastic wines that are sought by wine lovers and collectors everywhere. That consistent track record has shed light on Alsace’s many delicious, age-worthy and memorable white wines. Quality is so high across the board at Weinbach that it is hard to choose a single “best” wine as the subject of a vertical tasting. IAN D’AGATA, Vinous Media

As is the case nearly every time we have offered these wines in recent years they have arrived ahead of their praise and reviews but for those who know this domaine that probably doesn’t matter too much.

Over the years the Faller family, who run this domaine, have consistently crafted some of the greatest aromatic white wines I am fortunate enough to taste and I think it’s fair to say I am not alone in that sentiment.

The domaine farms 27 hectares, the majority of which is Grand Cru, and vinification here hasn’t changed much over the generations, I guess neither have the huge, ancient casks the wines are aged in.

As to the 2018s, we tasted them recently and I think the key to the vintage here is a generally brooding sense of intensity and power, the top tier wines seeming almost muscular. They are rich and deeply fruited wines with big personalities yet they still seem tense at the same time. They are richer than some other vintages but also they have plenty of energy in reserve which keeps them lively and suggests a solid upward trajectory in the cellar if that is your bent.

Overall it’s a sensational bracket. I think I will leave all the superlatives about the estate to the critics in their descriptions above but needless to say we at the Prince are firmly in the Weinbach camp, their only real rival for supremacy in the region would be Humbrecht.

While the reviews are not in yet I assure you they will come and they will be great but for now you will have to trust Alex, Myles and myself when we say these are sensational.

I would like to make a little honorary mention of the Cuvee Theo this year. The fruit for this is sourced from the Clos  des Capucins at the base of Schlossberg and while it’s always great it seems to have a little extra of everything this vintage. Intense, deeply concentrated, detailed, long and enlivening as a spring shower. So pure and so very engaging.

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