Faiveley Mercurey La Framboisiere 2017

Domaine Faiveley is one of the biggest domaines (115ha) in Burgundy and, many would argue, one of the best.
The change of generation, enhanced by the arrival of Bernard Hervet as Managing Director, is clear warning of the intention to dynamise the business. The most obvious change though is in the barrel cellar where the previous supplier has been dropped and replaced with Francois Frères, Taransaud and three other coopers. Old style Faiveley wines could be massively tannic at the expense of the fruit. From 2007 the wines are much fresher and fruitier, yet still with real intensity.
Many of Faiveley’s top wines are hand bottled with no filtration. This in turn results in clean, opulent wines that often show Pinot Noir at its best. Their concentration and richness are rarely equalled. JASPER MORRIS MW

As I’ve written before, this cuvée’s combination of quantity and quality—some 65,000 bottles are produced in a normal year—makes it a veritable gift to wine lovers. WILLIAM KELLEY, Wine Advocate 2019

Few vineyards are as aptly named in vineyards in Burgundy as Faiveley’s La Framboisiere which displays its name sake raspberry with wonderful clarity each and every year. La Framboisiere has been a monopole of the domaine Faiveley since the early 30s and has built a global reputation of being one of the region’s most reliably great value expressions.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it’s an iconic bottling in Burgundy, sure it doesn’t have the lustre of many of the greatest climats and no one is suggesting it does. What La Framboisiere offers is consistently remarkable quality for a wine at this price point. The ever continuous search for great Burgundy that ticks the necessary boxes often leads me back to this wine. It has a distinct and recognisable expression of site that shines through every year, an obvious delivery of terroir and it pushes the quality envelope year in and year out for a wine that doesn’t bust the budget. It is a bit of a rarity these days in the world of Burgundy and a wine that over-delivers constantly.

I opened one over the weekend when I was in need of something that would ease my Burg itch and I have to say, it worked a treat. The 2017 gorgeously fruited, open knit and inviting. Not surprisingly there is a lovely, lip-smacking, sweet red fruit character, loads of perfume, minerality and ample volume to the luscious profile. It’s lovely, I mean really lovely. I know this wine ages well but I doubt anyone would be unhappy if they drank one now. I feel like its peak window of enjoyment will be over the next five years or so but will definitely build over the next ten or so years. You can’t not love this wine. It’s the ideal drink for times like this, or any time really.

As always the reviews for La Framboisiere are glowing and I have included Burghound’s review where he notes that, as is usually the case, the 17 sits in his “Outstanding” and “Top Value” categories. I think he sums it up really well. As does Mr Kelley from Wine Advocate and Tim Atkin etc, you get the idea.

We are also offering the wine at more than 20% off in straight six packs making it even more remarkable value. I don’t know what else to say.