Felsina Chianti Classico 2018

2018…Balance Reigns Supreme
The 2018s are gracious wines of immense pleasure. While they don’t have the power or breadth of the 2016s, the 2018s are incredibly delicious. The purity of the flavors in so many 2018s is just striking. ANTONIO GALLONI

This is a gorgeous set of wines from Fèlsina. As always, the wines are deep and rich, with that distinct element of wildness that is so characteristic of the Sangioveses of Castelnuovo Berardenga. Even after all these years, Giovanni Poggiali and Giuseppe Mazzocolin, with their team, craft wines of distinction and elegance. ANTONIO GALLLONI

I think with all the hype around 2016 vintage in the area 2018 has kind of snuck up on us. Certainly it caught me off guard. I know when I was last there people were talking about how much they loved the wines and the bits we tasted at estates were super. Now that they are in bottle and some have begun to arrive in Australia it’s clear that we have a really super vintage on hand.

Perhaps they don’t have the structure of 16s. They might not have the raw power of 15s. But they are the sweet spot in the middle, at least from what I have seen so far and garnered from talking to others around the traps. If my thoughts needed to be confirmed then Felisina has delivered precisely what I needed.

Every time I write this up, or talk about it with customers, I say the same thing, something like “Felsina is the benchmark by which I judge any Chianti vintage. That doesn’t mean it is always the best wine, just that it is always a brilliant gauge by which to measure the success of any year”. With that in mind, along with a number of other Tuscan reds I have tasted through, 18 is a belter, the kind of Chianti I crave and that gets plenty of air time at chateau Roscoe.

One colleague said it was “classic but in the way we used to say it when we meant the wines were balanced and not too ripe” I may be paraphrasing but that is pretty close. The wine speaks to that sentiment as well. It had all the Italiophiles in the tasting room (which is everyone at PWS) quiet for a moment when we were poured a taste. That doesn’t happen often. General comments were along the lines of “this is really bloody good” and “I haven’t seen a Felsina like this in a while”.

It has all the components of great Chianti and it delivers it in a gorgeous, open, mid weight and approachable fashion. The wine is so good straight out of the gate, going back to the comment about balance and ripeness, that you could easily underestimate it’s potential to improve with time. In fact I would say that a handful of years will do wonders for this wine and even 12 months will see some of those Sangiovese edges be absorbed in to that slick and sexy fruit.

In short, it’s Felsina. It never lets you down and this year it really has delivered a wine that will put a smile on the faces of anyone who loves classically styled and beautifully framed Chianti Classico.

As always we are offering the wine with more a than 20% discount in straight six packs or dozens. I think for $43 each this is the kind of wine that you can, and should, snaffle by the case load and stash away for a little while. Though, I would also suggest opening one nice and early and drinking with a big bowl of ragu.

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