Fontaleoni 2019s back in stock

Fontaleoni is one of the elite producers in this zone. INTERNATIONAL WINE CELLAR

These new releases from Fontaleoni deliver superb quality and value. Readers looking for delicious, everyday Vernaccia and Chianti will be delighted. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous 2019

One of our favourite producers for every day drinking is back in stock AND with reviews. As I mentioned when the first shipment of the 2019s arrived in the middle of the year these are always some of the best value prospects on the market and have begun to garner a huge following with our customers. The first shipment sold out and the second has just docked. I also mentioned that, at the time, there was no reviews for the wines but that they would come. They have reviews now from Antonio Galloni and I have left my thoughts below as well. I have also left Galloni’s comments about the previous vintage above as I think it carries the theme well, these are “superb quality and value”.

Matteo and Simona Troiani keep the hits rolling with this new release of their Vernaccia and Chianti produced from their beautiful estate in San Gimignano. The quietly spoken siblings are among the very top echelon of producers in a region that is most renowned for making cheap wines, usually consumed locally or in bars, restaurants and homes around Italy and indeed the rest of Europe.

In an area where mass production is the norm visiting Matteo and Simona at their estate is as refreshing is their wines. Here things are done on a small, artisanal scale. The focus is entirely on the quality. The vineyards planted on the verdant green hills that surround their family home are tended by hand and the yields kept low enough that it should make many of their neighbours blush. The winery is small, a little cramped even, but everything is kept in its place and you can tell that while small, certainly by regional standards, this is a serious estate who are focused on making beautiful wines that speak of their vineyards and equally the family style of digestibility and ease of consumption.
I really do love these wines. I genuinely was surprised to find out how serious this family was when we visited last year. I admit to having a particular penchant for the white which gets a lot of air time at chateau Roscoe. I seriously encourage everyone to buy up and have these, both of them, on hand at all times in the house for those moments when you just want a good drink that will suit a range of food or is just delicious when you feel like you need a good glass of wine.
At $20 each in a dozen and only $18.75 each if you buy two straight dozen, that is 25% off, this is genuinely one of the best value pair of wines, from anywhere, on the market.