Francois Carillon 2018 Offer

We welcome the sensational wines from the legendary Carillon Family to the PWS fold – Our first ever shipment of Francois Carillon

“overall, I am extremely happy with the results.” I found the Carillon 2018s to be excellent; in fact they may well be the best wines that I have seen Carillon produce since the brothers went their own ways. BURGHOUND

As I observed earlier this year, Domaine François Carillon is only a new incarnation of a long-standing family tradition that stretches back many generations: François is named after his great-grandfather, François Virot, the pioneering regisseur of Domaine Leflaive who must rank among the 20th century’s greatest white winemakers, and he began working with his father, Louis Carillon, with the 1988 vintage. François’s style is richer and more gourmand than his brother Jacques’s… these generous, gourmand wines will no doubt find an avid clientele the world over. WILLIAM KELLEY, Wine Advocate

This is the most exciting offer I have written in a long time. I know I am an excitable chap but this really is something that means a lot to us at PWS.

For some time now we have been talking to the team at Carillon about bringing them in to the PWS family here in Australia. For a little context, we were in discussions with the domaine in early 2019 about potentially importing them in to Australia. We arranged a visit on a nice, sunny, April day and were welcomed by the estate’s chief winemaker, who admittedly seemed a little confused as to why we were there. I believe there had been some confusion on dates. Fortunately he was quite excited to be able to show us through the new wines in barrel and talk us through some of the key points of the estate and the subtle changes that had been underway in recent years.

The wines we tasted were extraordinary. All we had hoped they would be and more. In recent years the domaine has moved away from the higher new oak regime that was the practice here in the past. Less batonnage. Some larger format wood. As good as they had been they are now reaching the kind of heights that the wines of his legendary father, Louis Carillon, was achieving. Puligny of impeccable balance, depth and concentration of fruit, swirls of minerality with sizzling energy.

Elements of sophistication from considered and meticulous winemaking are in play across the range. Smoky, subtly reductive, subtle lees elements add nuance and detail but the key focus remains on the quality of the fruit which comes from some of the best vineyards of any producer in Puligny. The results are modern wines that feel perfectly measured and deliver impeccable expressions of their terroirs. Powerful and dense but matched with tremendous verve and enlivening acidity.

For those who may not be familiar with this estate, and perhaps why Michael and myself are so excited about this, Francois Carillon is the son of Louis Carillon who was one of the greatest winemakers of all time in Puligny. His eponymous domaine was rivalled only by those of Leflaive and Sauzet at the time.
The domaine was split equally between the two sons and the wines continued to be made together until 2010 when Francois begun vinifying his own wines at his new cellar. From the very first release the potential of Francois wines to one day rival his fathers was clear in the bottle and to see them now reach this kind of quality is incredibly satisfying for anyone who loved his father’s wines, as I certainly did, as did anyone who was drinking white Burgundy at that time.

While today Francois wines retain some of his father’s character in terms of their intensity and power, they are also more chiselled and poised than you often got with Louis bottlings. They rely more on the terroir and quality of the fruit than the winemaking. It is a shift that has been seen across the region for some time but it rarely as well executed as it is chez Francois Carillon. Today this estate has, perhaps, surpassed the quality of the father’s and has firmly cemented itself in the top echelon of producers in the region.
One last little point to make. While the Carillon family are obviously famous for their whites we were impressed with their sumptuous and attractive reds and have also secured a very small parcel of Bourgogne rouge and Monthelie, both of which definitely deserve your attention. You won’t regret it.
So, with that all being said our very first shipment of the newest member of the PWS wine family is due to arrive any day now and we are on the edge of our seats.