Gembrook Hill 2019 Offer

The style of the wines is a naturally occurring combination of finesse, elegance, harmony and balance. New oak is used with discretion, if at all. JAMES HALLIDAY,

Gembrook Hill is one of the oldest estates in the Upper Yarra Valley. Situated on the southern side of the Warburton Highway where it’s cool and frigid temperatures produce tensile and pure pinot and chardonnay. And their sparkling wine thrives in these cooler surrounds. This is one of Australia’s best sparklings, hand on heart.

There’s a quiet confidence in this trio of new releases. The 2019 chardonnay’s purity showcases the steely yet glistening fruit of the Upper Yarra. The 2019 pinot is alluring and fragrant with depth and silken tannins, while the 2015 sparkling is exquisite; a fine and filigreed core is encased in flavour bomb of hazelnuts, crème brulee and freshly baked bread thanks to an incredible six years on lees.

Gembrook’s vineyard is captivating. Sitting at 300m altitude on red volcanic soils, this amphitheatre of dry-grown vines provides the secret sauce for their wines. When it was planted in 1983 by June and Ian Marks, there were borderline vintages where the grapes struggled to achieve ripeness. But global warming has seen this vineyard hit its stride. The purity of fruit on these wines is supreme.

Although a stalwart of the Yarra, Gembrook have flown a little under the radar. Perhaps this was due to Ian’s love and commitment to the vineyard where he spent hundreds of hours preening and priming the vines. He left the winemaking duties to others. But since Ian’s tragic passing in 2017, his son Andrew has stepped up and is now the current custodian. Andrew grew up in this vineyard, but spread his wings along the way, most notably at Penfolds, and overseas in Spain, while back at home he established his own label ‘Wanderer’. He’s also the brains behind the MGC Gin label.

This is an illuminating set of wines. Both Halliday and Mattinson speak glowingly in their reviews below. If you chase purity and finesse then these are for you.  2019 resulted in a very small crop and there will be no IJM and JKM wines made this year.

We’ve sharpened the prices for two weeks only, you’ll want to buy these in 6 or 12 packs. If you’re new to the wines we’ve put together a tempting Gembrook Mixed 6 pack featuring 2 of each to whet your tastebuds.