Giant Steps 2019 Single Vineyard Release

The focus on the high quality, single vineyard…. wines in what is demonstrably a very distinguished portfolio. JAMES HALLIDAY

The Giant Steps single vineyard wines have slipped into the realms of Most Anticipated Releases of the Year. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

Flamsteed’s touch is seen in an impressive tally of outstanding quality wines. He has oscillated from household names to cult wines, plus one vermouth. Boundless energy, an eye for detail and winemaking nous are inherent.
But it’s Flamsteed’s work at Giant Steps that is his ultimate triumph.
It’s a public outing of a modest, intelligent, quiet revolutionary who has captured our hearts and minds with his exceptional winemaking, but who is also the embodiment of the ultimate wine all-rounder. We’re lucky to have him and his wines. MIKE BENNIE, Gourmet Traveller 2016 Winemaker of the Year

One of the things about being in the wine industry is that we talk about the same thing, year in and year out. Our job, for most of us our passion and a few an obsession, is the love of wine in all its forms. So, with every release of a label you love you are inevitably drawn in to comparisons and, to an extent, promotion on the base of the wines merits of course. There are a lot of wines out there so when you really believe in a producer you want to get the message across and convince the wine community that those wines should be the preference over another wine of similar value in that style.

So, here we are again, the release of the single vineyard wines from Giant Steps and yes I think they should be in everyone’s collection. In terms of the merits of this release I think it’s fair to say that today the single site wines of both Pinot and Chardonnay from Steve Flamsteed and his team are some of the most anticipated every year among the trade. Perhaps, for reasons that baffle me, they may not be as well known to some collectors as they should be but there is absolutely no question of the consistently outstanding quality being produced here, as supported by the innumerable awards, accolades and praise that have been heaped on Giant Steps over the years.

I am aware that I sound like a broken record here so I will attempt to be brief, the 2019s from Giant Steps, both varieties, as a bracket represent some of the most exciting releases from the vintage I have tasted. Each of the sites has it’s own unique imprint and they demonstrate them clearly each year and this has grown more clear in recent releases as the understanding of these vineyards grows. I have tasted them at several steps of their development including a set in bottle just prior to their release and they showed just as well as they did in barrel in their infancy.