Giant Steps Yarra 2020 Release

This offer kind of writes itself every year now. I don’t think our customers need another long winded spiel from me about why I think Flammo and Jess are making some of the best wines in the Yarra (thus Australia). The ever growing list of accolades, trophies, awards, plaudits support the statement.

I doubt it’s much of a secret that we at PWS regard them as mates, but like a lot of our friends we judge them worthy companions based on the quality of their wines before we get to know them better. It’s a truly formidable team that have really settled in to a groove these days and while they are still restless in their pursuit of perfection they also have a remarkable understanding of the sites and the seasons in the Valley.

While 2020 will be remembered for other things, far less pleasant, it is worth remembering that there are some silver linings. The Yarra vintage being one of them. This release of the two Yarra stalwarts, Chard and Pinot, from Giant Steps is an emphatic statement of the high quality we should expect from the region out of 2020. Both wines are classy, full of character and clearly demonstrate the calm and steady hand of a master of the craft in Steve Flamsteed.

Both are strongly recommended and represent some of the best quality verse hip pocket damage you are likely to find. At $29 each with more than 20% discount these are too good to pass up. Great work again team.