Halliday's Top Chardonnays

The best modern Australian chardonnays are thrilling wines. Some are powerful and opulent fruited fleshed out with spicy oak elements. Others favour the razor-sharp and driving acidities.  Both extremes exist, but the best wines have evolved to balance these elements.  But it hasn’t happened overnight.

With decades of travel, investigation and curiosity under their belts, our winemakers are confidently making some of the greatest chardonnays in the world. Cooler regions formerly used for sparkling production have been tapped into as a source of chiselled fruit (the Upper Yarra and Tasmania). While the west has reigned in their ‘pineapple princesses’ from the past.

Halliday and his tasting team are one of the authorities of Australian wine. So when they recently published their 2022 Awards (don’t worry you haven’t skipped a year, Halliday likes looking into the future) we ran through the list of top achievers and were very pleased to see

From the top-rated chardonnay list, Michael spotlighted the ‘disco ball decadence’ of the mighty Yattarna last week in an offer. Here are three of our other favourites. They represent some of the best stomping grounds for Australian Chardonnay – Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley and Beechworth (we’re missing a WA representative as alas they won’t let their wines across the border).

One of the best things about an abundance of great Australian chardonnay is the feverish thirst and appreciation our chardonnay lovers show for these wines. We’ve sharpened the prices on single bottles and six-pack buys. Or if you’d like to taste them all we’ve bundled two bottles each into Halliday’s Top Aussie Chardonnay 6 pack $410.

While they are all delicious now, they’ll age beautifully gaining some honeyed edges and a touch more girth. These wines are limited, if you’d like to buy some please don’t delay.