Hoddles Creek Estate Chardonnay & Pinot Noir 2019 New Releases

One of Australia’s best pinot noir producers. CAMBELL MATTINSON

Hoddles Creek probably about the best $20 you can spend on Australian Pinot Noir. It’s almost ludicrous. GARY WALSH

Hoddles Creek Estate chardonnay never misses a beat. CAMBELL MATTINSON

So the timing of these two cracking little wines couldn’t be any better. They usually find their way out in May, but April will certainly do.

There are many superlatives and great snappy quotes that tie themselves to Hoddles Creek’s Estate Chardonnay & Pinot Noir that it still perplexes us that the pricing remains so sharp. There is a modest uptick in price on their Pinot Noir in 2019 but the Chardonnay maintains its usual pricing, both still ludicrous for the value of what’s in the bottle. Essentially Franco d’Anna’s entry level wines express as much care and attention as the more premium offerings from this family owned estate.

The wines haven’t been reviewed yet, but with a strong vintage like 2019 it would be foolish to sleep on them. This vintage was a warm, drought year so expect good depth and power for your money.

These probably aren’t what the doctor ordered, but many of us here at PWS wish they were (and will probably pretend they did). PWS