Jean Marc Pillot 2018 Pre Arrival Offer

Jean-Marc Pillot – A reference point for quality in Chassagne
He is a trained oenologist and has propelled the domaine into the top rank of Chassagne producers. Unfortunately demand for his wines has soared worldwide and as a result, stocks are limited. Buy while stocks remain! These wines seem to possess everything – richness and depth of fruit, the classic firmness of a great Chassagne and a long, smooth and harmonious finish. JASPER MORRIS MW

I was also impressed with Pillot’s whites and while they can’t quite match his excellent 2017s, they are still very good, and a few are outstanding BURGHOUND

2018 Summary – A Decidedly Ripe yet Surprisingly Good White Burgundy Vintage:
Mother Nature and the magical terroirs of Burgundy sometime cooperate in the most mysterious ways to produce genuinely remarkable results. 2018 would be one of those sometimes because no one, or at least no one that I spoke to, expected the whites to be anywhere near as good as they are…. most are fresh, vibrant, delicious and reflective of their individual terroirs. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that 2018 is one of the most surprising white Burgundy vintages in quite some time. BURGHOUND

I discovered whites with surprisingly zingy acidities that impart more tension than anticipated, far fewer obvious tropical notes and far greater articulation of individual terroirs. This partly informed the title of this report, inasmuch as the white wines confounded my expectations, just as they seem to confound those of winemakers. NEAL MARTIN

Jean-Marc, and now increasingly his seemingly equally talented son Antonin, run one of the greatest white estates in Burgundy today!

Many Burgundy stalwarts, myself included, take a long time to shift some of our long held thinking about the hierarchy in the region and where certain producers sit in the scheme of things. The notion of the unassailable iconic domaines looking down from their lofty perches high above the rest of the crowd is deeply entrenched in many of us. It is a notion that over the last 10-15 years has really been shaken to its core and more so in the realms of white Burgundy than red.

For a long time there were perhaps a large handful of truly great white wine domaines in the region, more red wine domaines but for whatever reason, or reasons, it seemed like only a few could consistently produce Chardonnay of the highest quality. Today some of those estates remain at the top, Coche, Leflaive, Ramonet and a few others, increasingly though there are those that are either toppling the grand estates or at least have clawed their way to equal quality footing as these traditional super stars. Jean-Marc Pillot is one such estate.

Today Jean-Marc is one of the top three estates of Chassagne and his wines have a track record of press and reviews to support that statement. He is widely regarded as one of the region’s most fastidious and focused vignerons who is solely focused on the ambitious goal of being the regions pinnacle domaine. In my mind he has only two rivals to that throne today. His rise to eminence has been the result of his focus, hard work, raw talent and the extraordinary array of climats he has at his disposal.

Tasting at the estate last year JM was quite upbeat about his 18s commenting that he was surprised by just how good they were shaping up to be. We always taste the current release so I didn’t have the opportunity to see the wines myself, however the general consensus is that 2018 was a real surprise vintage for whites. Certainly from what I have tasted so far the energy, tension and focus seen in many of the wines is a welcome surprise. The best are inviting and fleshy with abundant minerality and overall sense of joyous drinkability.

For the moment only the reviews from Burghound are available but it is a forgone conclusion that the reviews from Vinous and Advocate will follow with similar praise.

As is always the case we are offering these wines to a group of VIP Burgundy buyers first and at a minimum 20% pre arrival discount. The wines are due to arrive mid November and we will advise you when your order is ready