Jermann New Releases

Silvio Jermann has a reputation for making some of Italy’s best white wines. It’s a deserved reputation, in my view…What impresses me most about these wines is the purity and depth of flavour coupled with huge mineral extract, all perfectly poised and in balance. JAMIE GOODE, The Wine Anorak

Jermann wines have long been referred to as the benchmark for Italian white wines. The coupling of weight and richness with purity of fruit, complexity and intense minerality is a feature, while the somewhat eccentric packaging on some of the standard bearers like Where the Dreams Have No End or Vintage Tunina, reflect the left-of-centre thinking that first set Silvio Jermann apart from his peers in the Friulian landscape back in the 1970s.

Moreover, he was an iconoclast and an innovator. Be it blending wine before it was a style, using co-fermentation in the region or rescuing and championing indigenous varieties, he has always walked the other side of the street.

Love of the land and a penchant for innovation have continued into the next generation and I had the pleasure of meeting Silvio Jermann’s youngest son, Felix, back in November who has taken on brand development duties. Like their wines, Felix exudes the Jermann passion and poise. He is a proud member of the family. His brother is learning the viticulture side of the business so that some day soon he can take over from his trail-blazing father.

I am pleased to offer you the latest available vintages of the Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Vinnae AND am doing a “Last Call ” for the premium range; limited amounts of Vintage Tunina, Where Dreams…, and Capo Martino (Best Italian White Wine of the Year in 2019, Gambero Rosso).