Julg Riesling - bordering Pfalz and Alsace


Johannes Jülg is the third generation to head up Weingut Julg – a rare estate that lies on the border of two countries, France and Germany. With one foot in Alsace and the other in Pfalz, this estate plays to its strength on either side of the border, especially its riesling devoted homeland, Germany.

Taking the reins at Julg in 2010, Johannes’ experience at both Keller and the grand cru Burgundy estate of Clos des Lambrays shows in the striking composure of his wines. His holdings in Boden, Alsace are pinot and chardonnay focussed while his Pfalz offerings are riesling and pinot centric. But he doesn’t stop there. To drill down further he explores the terroir of the Pfalz through his rieslings, making them according to their soil type.

We’re focussing on the powerfully fuelled 2019 rieslings in this offer; Trocken, Bundsandstein and Kalmergel. This is a fascinating exploration of the rieslings of Pfalz. These rieslings are handled the same way in the winery, their differences denoted in their origins. The Bundsandstein riesling is from red sandstone soils while the Kalmergel riesling is grown in soils with limestone origins. They’re a jubilant mix of power and finesse.

Working across countries has not always been easy as Alsace has changed hands many times over the last century from French to German control.  Back when Joahnnes’ grandfather was at the helm he used to have to carry his passport to cross the border. Nowadays crossing the border is made daily by the Julg team. The trocken riesling marries the fruit from Alsace and Pfalz, and according to Gary Walsh it has ‘weight and power…crunch and grip…stony and savoury to close with solid quinine laced length.’ It highlights the best of the two countries with a humble price tag – $31 each in a 6 Pack.

Today we’re offering three rieslings from the superb 2019 vintage. 2019 was a stellar year in Germany and Alsace. Stuart Piggott declared it as ‘the best vintage I have ever tasted for German riesling in my four-decade career.’ We tasted them last week, they’re a fistful of pent-up energy and power, give them some time in your cellar and they’ll relax and gain some layers. These wines overshoot their humble price tags, so make some room. The trocken is drinking beautifully in its youth.