Keller Silvaner Trocken 2018

Those wines are the German montrachets. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

If any producer in Germany could be said to have the Midas touch, it must be Klaus-Peter Keller. Literally everything he handles turns to gold. It is not luck or destiny, though, but meticulous attention to detail, in particular in his vineyards, that has brought him so far… an estate that essentially has no peer in Germany. JOEL B PAYNE, Vinous Media

The wines are promising, and 2018 is on pace to be Germany’s fifth straight vintage of outstanding or better quality. WINE SPECTATOR

2018, the vintage whose white wines are just being released, was the best one many growers can remember JANCIS ROBINSON MW

German vintage 2018 – best ever?
It would probably be the understatement of the year to say that 2018 has been a good year for German vine growers. MICHAEL SCHMIDT,

2018 takes its place in a series with 1911, 1959 and 2001. These wines were the driest years in our region in the last 100 years, and can be counted among the greats. KLAUS-PETER KELLER

No, you aren’t reading this incorrectly. It is Keller Silvaner not Riesling.

No, I am not losing my mind, the wine is great.

Actually Keller has begun to price this wine above his Riesling Trocken as he is a true believer. The fruit is sourced off old vines and given the royal treatment including a firm, slow, basket press and a little skin contact before a nice, long, cool ferment. The result is outstanding. Seriously good.

If you ever wanted to see why so many people regard Klaus-Peter Keller as one of the greatest white wine makers on earth you need look no further. Calm down, I am not saying this is as good as his G Max or Morstein, just that the sheer class and captivating nature of this wine shows the skill of a true master of his craft. To be able to produce something of this quality and pedigree at this price that is this stylish and perfectly pitched could only be done by someone who is really in tune with his craft. A great winemaker guiding fruit to its highest possible level.

While his top wines can be… pretty intense and cerebral experiences, this is all about pure pleasure and joyous drinkability, which it delivers impeccably well. A totally harmonious package of fresh, enlivening and wonderfully pure fruit that invigorates and excites as it rushes across the palate. Amongst all that uber refreshing and crystal clear fruit there is a vein of subtle phenolics that add tactile impact and remind you that, while this is really bloody enjoyable, it is no frivolous tipple, rather a completely delicious and equally compelling wine made by a genuine talent from one of the greatest vintages in the region’s history.

$31.50 each in six packs, that’s 25% off. $31.50 for this wine is daylight robbery. Everyone should grab this, it will appeal to so many palates. It will get the Riesling crowd, the Italian white drinkers, the Grigio crew, the Chardonnay fans, everyone who likes good white wine.

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