La Chantemerle 2018 Chablis Returns

The artisan tradition in Chablis is alive and well at Chantemerle, Francois Boudin’s small estate in La Chapelle. I have long admired these mostly stripped down wines for their direct expressions of place. ANTONIO GALLONI

Winemaker Francis Boudin is one of the remaining members of Chablis’ true artisanal ranks, vine growers who refuse to be seduced by modern shortcuts but craft Chablis as naturally and as authentically as possible. For the Boudins, this has meant Chablis without any oak influence, or “barrel-free Chablis.” Also in keeping with their natural philosophy, the Boudins did not replant their Chardonnay vines with high-yielding clones, as was the fad in the 1970s in Chablis. As a result, their older vines are naturally low yielding, allowing fruit to better express its terroir. Boudin Chablis is striking in its citrus-inspired flavors, its pure aromas and its mouth-watering, tangy finish. KERMIT LYNCH

The eccentric François Boudin directs this 16 ha domaine. The approach here is serious with 100% manual harvesting, no commercial yeasts, no wood and a light filtration. BURGHOUND

If you think you may have seen this offer before then you’re right. We received a shipment of these wines late last year and they sold out in record time. Since then we have been hounded by customers asking for more on an almost daily basis. So, we are very happy to announce that a top up shipment is due to arrive in a week or so and there is a resupply of what is one of the greatest value Chablis on the market and at the same super price we offered if for in January.

I think the wines of Francois Boudin’s domaine La Chantemerle need little or no introduction to our customers. The arrival of these wines every year seems to cause a good degree of excitement among their many fans. There are a few things that I think set Boudin’s Chablis apart from the crowd.

Francis, and his famous father Adhemar, have been stalwarts of traditionally made Chablis for a very long time, an approach that eschews oak, relying on concrete fermentation and maturation as a cornerstone of his unwavering dedication to his style; a style that was not always popular but today is very much in fashion again as drinkers search out these pristine examples that exemplify the unique terroir of the region. On top of the no wood approach, the vineyards are populated with old vines and any new plantings are taken from a massale selection (as opposed to bringing in other clonal material from other regions) ensuring the integrity of the Boudin style and the connection to his own plots.

In addition, they remain bargains in the context of both Chablis and great wine of the world. While many producers in the region, old and new, continue to raise their prices, riding on the wave of the growing popularity of Chablis globally, Francois hasn’t budged in many years putting his 1er Cru Fourchaume in line with many producers Village wines and his AC wine is inexpensive enough that it should make some producers blush.

We love these wines and so do a lot of our customers as evidenced by the huge demand for them from those who have purchased them before.

If you would like to order some please feel free to contact me directly. You can reach me on my mobile 0406 313 321 or simply reply to this email. Alternatively you can order online by following the links below.

As is we did when the first shipment arrived we are offering them at 20% off in a dozen of the Village wine and more than 20% off for six packs of the Fourchaume. You may have noticed that Chablis pricing at the lower levels is creeping up generally so to still be able to offer this kind of quality at this pricing is a very good thing.