La Tour du Pin 2009

La Tour du Pin 2009 – begging to be drunk
2009 La Tour du Pin is the finest wine I have ever tasted from this property WINE ADVOCATE

2009 BORDEAUX STILL STUNS 10 YEARS ON – The good news is that many 2009 red Bordeaux tasted stunning and some were breathtaking. STUART PIGOTT,

I love the 2009 Bordeaux vintage. It boasts a smorgasbord of gorgeous wines, among the finest that many properties produced up to that point; wines that fulfill the promise heaped upon them at birth. Generally, the style of the 2009s is predictably fleshy and powerful, rich and sumptuous. At times the Right Bank is a hedonist’s playground, offering full-throttle wines that at best come

Cleaved off the original Chateau Figeac at some stage, as was a number of other now prominent estates. Later it was divided again, one part subsumed by another Chateau and this parcel remaining under the La Tour du Pin label. In 2006 the estate was acquired by the same owners as Cheval Blanc, which was also originally part of the Figeac property until 1832. Considering the origins and stories of the two estates the acquisition of La Tour du Pin was a natural fit with the portfolio.
It’s not a new story, especially in Bordeaux, but it’s a recipe for success. Wealthy investors with a history of running some of the greatest estates in the region purchase property that is in a prime location that has been run down for some time. Money and knowhow is tipped in to the property and quality picks up, prices take a little while to catch up to the quality.
It’s around that time you jump in on properties like that, great value for affordable prices. Add in a vintage like 2009, famous for wines of power, richness, opulence and weight. A little time in the bottle and you get a one way ticket on the train to tasty town.
I don’t often get the hankering for Bordeaux, though for some reason I have a little more regularly in the last few months, but when I do something along these lines is really what’s required. It’s sitting in that spot that I love for wines like this. I prefer a little primary fruit mixed with some subtle development. This ticks all the boxes for that. It’s got plenty of joy right now and absolutely screaming out for some beef or a lamb roast.
We have access to a little over ten dozen of these. I think they are brilliant value in slide right in to the zone for me. With that being said though, they have more upswing in the cellar if you like a little more development on these kinds of thing.

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