Luke Lambert 2019's - Crudo Shiraz + Yarra Valley Favourites

Luke Lambert has been dropping my jaw from the moment I first tasted his line-up a few years back. I even chose his Crudo Chardonnay as my “Staff Pick” this Christmas at PWS. The balance that he finds in his wines leaves me pretty darn speechless (which isn’t easy, might I add).

The 2019 Vintage has picked up some pretty amazing scores from Gary Walsh of The Wine Front. Gary has been a supporter of Lambert for some time now and has certainly been telling Australians that Lambert’s wines remain some of the best value in Australia. Like so many of my favourites, Luke travelled to Europe in his youth and fell in love with the medium-bodied wines of Piemonte. He was inspired by the producers who were able to make a wine that truly showcased their “place”. Luke now has access to some of the best vineyards in Australia, more specifically: the Yarra Valley. All of his grapes are hand-picked and are made with a simple, hands-off approach, always letting “place” speak through the juice. They have been herbicide free for over 3 vintages and he says that the soil health has really hit a high note.

I’ve already droned on longer than anticipated so I will let the reviews speak for themselves, but I will warn you that the allocation is small, order now to avoid any disappointment.