Matias Riccitelli new release Malbec

The weather is warming up and with that I spend more and more of my day dreaming of BBQ, grill, smoke, slow cook , asado, charcoal, wood, gas – veggies ribs, fillet or roasterie. Then when I get the chance to fire up the charcoal, I need to decide the next most important thing - what to drink – and this summer the answer will more often than not consider Malbec, and in particular the Malbec of Argentina. 

For at least the last 10-12 years we have been getting excited by some of the delicious tannic reds of South America and there have been some great wines along the way – but I cannot recall a stronger set of wines than that of Matais Ricitelli’s new releases that we tried last week. 

The Hey Malbec is everything you want in a good early drinking summer red – bright chewy fruit unencumbered without oak- bright balanced and delicious. Yet the other three Malbec – are all great wines in their own style showing the differences of terroir and vine age they are all great examples of modern Argentinian Malbec. ALEX WILCOX