Matteo Correggia Roero Nebbiolo 2017 - Back in Stock!

I have been drinking the Correggia wines since my student days, and have rarely been disappointed, especially at the entry-level, where so many of these wines also deliver fabulous value. ANTONIO GALLONI

Some good news – one of our customers’ favourites is back in stock; the Correggia Roero Nebbiolo 2017 has arrived and the savings are huge! This wine ticks all the boxes: a meaningful family story, perseverance of a vision, and to top it all off an incredible quality wine at an unbeatable price.

When the family of the late Matteo Correggia speaks of their efforts I can’t help but feel deeply inspired. Together they have nurtured such beauty from the vines planted by Matteo all those years ago. He had an innovative concept in mind and the family has seen it through for him. The Matteo Correggia business boils down to 3 things: passion, drive, and a deeply rooted legacy.

Matteo Correggia was an innovator for the red wines of Roero. He sadly passed away in 2001 leaving his life’s work to wife, Ornella, and two young children: Giovanni and Brigitta. Ornella stoically continued the family business. When Giovanni was old enough he decided to study winemaking and would later become the winemaker of his father’s progressive Cantina.

When you hear Giovanni speak about his father and the vineyards it is clear that it is a true honour for him to work the land that his father once cultivated. You can get a real sense of what I mean by watching the Cantina’s beautifully produced video here. Take 10 minutes and get to know Giovanni – I promise you’ll be better for it.

Growing red grape varietals in Roero back in the 80’s was practically unheard of, but the late Matteo was learning from some of the best names in the neighbouring region of Barolo. He was the accepted out-sider within the coined “Barolo Boys” clan. These men were mentors for Matteo and, although his land wasn’t thought of with the same prestige, he knew they were all speaking the same language.

Matteo had faith in his town’s soils and rightly so. Since that time, Roero has risen to be known for Nebbiolo and is an easy choice when looking for a more affordable “drink-now” style. That is not to discredit the many ageable Nebbs of the region as there are many and one of the best examples is produced by Giovanni Correggia himself under this label and named: La Val dei Preti.

Since we are so pleased to have this wine back on Aussie turf we are passing along some excellent savings. Today you can purchase a dozen and save almost 25% per bottle. What’s not to love?!