Mauro Veglio Angelo Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 / Italy

Two thousand sixteen is a transition vintage, as it is the year Mauro Veglio joined forces with his nephew, Alessandro Veglio. At a time when too many estates split up, often unwittingly becoming sub-scale, the Veglios have made the opposite decision. Stylistically, the wines have been moving towards more finesse. ANTONIO GALLONI

Mauro Veglio’s Langhe Nebbiolo “Angelo” has to be one of the most consistently enjoyable drinks we get to taste every year. It is precisely what a wine in this category should hope to achieve. Angelo delivers classic Langhe Nebbiolo character in a fresh, attractive and sumptuous guise that gives you a genuine sense of place, time and real quality without having to spend the $$$ to get it’s big siblings. This is the best to date.

I know it was raised by Michael in his offer for the Veglio 2016 Cru Baroli but it is worth mentioning here as the impact is quite clear and evident in this wine. In recent times Mauro’s nephew, the extremely talented Alessandro, has joined the family business and brought with him some new vineyards and a fresh view on certain aspects of the wine making. While there is new Cru Barolo sites which is always exciting perhaps the changes in Angelo are equally so, more so in some ways.

Alessandro explained, at our recent visit, that he believed, as do many of the region’s top producers, that Nebbiolo from Roero could add something to their Langhe Nebbiolo and that is an element of pure pleasure. He explains that the fruit from the vineyards he works with in the region deliver a more supple texture and sweeter tannins. This year’s Angelo is now an equal blend of their usual young vine Barolo fruit sourced from their La Morra and Monforte sites and the vineyards Alessandro has available in Roero and the result emphatically demonstrates Alessandro’s point. This is the most pleasurable version of a wine I have loved for years.

The Angelo has just arrived and, as is our usual practice, we are offering it a more than 20% discount in straight six packs or dozens. I think Monica Larner sums up our feeling about the wine in her review, below, though I would lean more towards a bowl of Tajarin… perhaps I am just missing Piedmont. I have done my due diligence and rechecked the quality of the wine since it arrived here in bottle, lovely juice.