Mencia 2018 Magic

It was back in 2012 that we first offered Mencia to the Prince Wine Store customer base. Why – because we loved this variety – modern winemaking in Biezo and Ribera del Sacra had woken this quiet corner of the Spanish wine scene and the world was watching. Since then we have had Mencia Madness , Mightly Mencia and Mencia Mania, Michael has described the discovery of Giumero whilst contemplating the meaning of life doing the Camino and I have written regularly about the great value wines from producers such as Mengoba and Veronica Ortega. 

Many of you will recognise these producers and we have often these producers on tasting and on pour in Bellota – I encourage you all to have a good look at the wines on offer.

This offer is the strongest set of Mencia yet due to the incredible 2018 vintage. Both in Biezro and Ribera del Sacra the perfect conditions of 2018 along with growing confidence from this top tier of producers has resulted in a very strong set of wines from the everyday through to the rare single vineyard sites. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has also awoken to Mencia and it seems to be getting hard to get much of the wines. Whilst there are good quantities of the first four wines – the single sites are very limited with only six packs from DJP and Guimaro available and a number of the wines only available in these packs. 

There is also change afoot to support the growing group of Terroir focused producers from 2018 new appellation rules can be applied.

D.O.P. Bierzo: Regional wines from different villages
Vino de Villa: Wines from a single village
Vino de Paraje: A zone, lieu-dit or named place within a village. There’s no exact equivalent of the paraje concept with the Burgundian classification. A paraje is usually a larger zone; I’ve called them neighborhoods or quarters before to explain the concept, if the countryside could be divided like a town.
Viña Clasificada: A classified vineyard, equivalent of the Burgundian 1er Cru
Gran Viña Clasificada: A great classified vineyard, equivalent of the Burgundian Grand Cru
C/ The wine Advocate

The first half of the offer focuses on four of the best quality best value 2018's. The second looks at two of the benchmark producers in Descendients de Jose Palaios (DJP) and Guimaro and the very limited single vineyard wines.

To order please follow the links below, return email or contact me directly on 0400 653 569.