Moorooduc Estate Pinot 2018

One of Australia’s best, Moorooduc just keep getting better. While their style remains true to their estate, minor tweaks and changes are delivering fruit with splicing intensity are texture. At $35 a bottle, this estate pinot is

A blend of their three vineyards, McIntryre, Robinson Vineyard and The Garden. To recap, McIntyre is their home block, the vines are old and deep-rooted, Robinson Vineyard is 3 kilometres south and slightly cooler, and The Garden Vineyard is just across the hill and the resulting wine is usually heady and packed with spice as this is the only wine they include the whole bunches for fermentation.

The estate is a beautiful amalgam of these three distinct and charismatic sites. This is the wine they produce the most and hang their hat on year in year out. It’s more affordable than their single-vineyard bottlings, you can open a bottle mid-week and relish in its incredibly delicious beauty.

Winemaking isn’t spared on this pinot, it’s treated just as lovingly as its siblings. The wine is fermented using wild yeasts, a generous amount of old and new French oak is used in its rearing and it sees a long time in the cellars composing itself – 17 months. Time, our most precious commodity is lavished upon this wine and it shows in its composure and confidence.

This is a lovely and confident pinot with pockets of hidden complexity that slowly reveal with each sip. It’s suave and flavoursome backed by a spine of fine rolling tannins. It’s delicious drinking now, but can go a year or two further if you prefer a more meaty edge to your pinot.

Usually, this estate pinot is poured lavishly at top restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney, but due to covid constraints, we’ve secured a nice stash of 2018. On that front, Kate McIntyre MW recently spoke to Max Allen about recent challenges – her response is heartening and reminds us why Moorooduc are one of the greats, ‘I keep reminding myself: if we create the best wine we possibly can, and don’t be too greedy about how much we charge for it, then the rest of it’s just about getting the wine into people’s glasses and hoping they like it and buy it. Yes, the pandemic has made that last bit of the equation a bit harder, but it hasn’t changed the fundamentals.’

We’re offering this pinot for two weeks, $36 each in a 6 pack ($216) or $35 each in a dozen ($420).