Mount Pleasant Offer 2020 / Semillon

The appointment of Jim Chatto as group chief winemaker in 2013, and the ’14 vintage – the best since 1965 – has lifted the range and quality of the red wines back to the glory days of Maurice O’Shea, who founded Mount Pleasant and proved himself one of Australia’s great winemakers. JAMES HALLIDAY

This is that rare occasion where the expansion of a wine range has been wine-lead rather than marketing-lead. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front


The Hunter Valley is viticulturally tough, one could certainly argue that to climb to the regions vinous apex you really need excellent vineyard sites and impeccable winemaking.  Features that Mount Pleasant has in spades.  In fact this historic winery was home to one of Australia’s first truly great winemakers, Maurice O’Shea.

Maurice produced top quality table wines in a time Australia was still dominated by fortified wines.  Not only did he bring winemaking skills learnt studying oenology in France and a gifted palate that would have many site him as a ‘Master Blender’, but Maurice also understood the quality of the vineyards are the foundation to those very skills.  His family purchased the original 1880 planted vineyards in 1921 and Maurice himself would continue to seek out great terroirs as the winery grew in reputation. Acquiring the Lovedale site in 1939 & Rosehill in 1945. Planting began on both iconic properties in 1946.

Mount Pleasant has always maintained their reputation as producing some of Australia’s finest table wines, however the appointment of Jim Chatto as Chief winemaker in 2013 and an incredible season in 2014 created a watershed moment for this historic estate. Jim began pulling the veil back at Mount Pleasant by broadening the range and showcasing their wealth of vineyards with a suite of single site, old vine wines. Something that hadn’t been done since 1965.

The baton was then passed again in 2018 to present day Chief wine maker Adrian Sparks, Hunter Valley Winemaker of the Year 2019.  Adrian came up through the ranks of McWilliams wines, moving to Mount Pleasant in 2014 to work alongside Jim. As fate would have it 2018 is another outstanding vintage for Mount Pleasant, many outperforming the fabled 2014’s.

We’ve secured a small amount of their top performing 2018 Mountain Series Shiraz’s, A, C & D. Homages to Maurice O’Shea’s blending mastery.

The 2018 Rosehill Shiraz stands out as one of McWilliams best value prospects, the fact that this wine continues to hit it out of the park whilst they are bottling the bulk of the oldest vine material separately, is somewhat confounding.   Whilst we’re at it, it would be churlish not to offer out their Lovedale Semillon, a wine that is discounted too much to carry everyday but by the six pack here, I think you will find the price very good. The 2013 vintage marking a new era at Mount Pleasant.

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