Neudorf Tom's Block Pinot Noir 2017

Neudorf Tom’s Block Pinot Noir 2017 – this is superbly drinkable – a really lovely expression of Nelson Pinot JAMIE GOODE

Neudorf are one of my favourite New Zealand producers, and though the wines are generally tasted blind, it is hard to separate the wonderful Finn family, and their vision writ large in their wines, from the consumption and assessment of their wines. Late 70s pioneers of Nelson, they continue to excel. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front

I cannot think of another New Zealand wine producer that has been making top wines across their entire range as consistently as Neudorf over three decades. Chardonnay is the star with Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc very close behind. BOB CAMPBELL MW

One of New Zealand’s most admired producers. Tim and Judy Finn have a great track record. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

We tasted this a few weeks ago and decided then to offer the wine, however after heaping praise on the wine and talking about how excited we all were the importer let us know that he had basically sold out and that there was more coming from NZ but that we would need to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. Patience isn’t a quality people often associate with me. Nonetheless here we are with Neudorf Tom’s Block 2017 Pinot to offer.

Neudorf Pinot is one of those consistent overachievers out of the land of the long white cloud. Everything here is top tier, they rank as one of my two top Chardonnay producers in the country and their Pinots are among the finest, most buoyant and pleasurable expressions being produced by our Kiwi cousins. To put it in some kind of context for anyone who may not be familiar with these wines, they helped establish the region back in the 70s and have continued to produce some of NZs greatest wines for decades now. You would equate them with the likes of… Mt Mary or Yarra Yering. For our NSW cousins Lakes Folly? Cullen and Moss Wood if you are out west… They have a humungous following at home and a very loyal fan base across the ditch in OZ.

Far from the, often, broody, ripe and fruit forward expressions of Otago, Tom’s block is red/blue fruited, airy and beautifully sculpted. It’s a wine of balance and finesse which holds itself with a graceful air and delivers a rush of cool, fresh, lively drinking pleasure. No doubt it will benefit from a little time in the bottle, though Neudorf does that, to an extent already. While many producers are releasing 2020s, this is their current release. I would struggle to put any of these away myself, they are just right now.

There is only 25 dozen to be had so please get in early if you are interested, as I expect them to sell pretty quickly.