Nocturn SRS Release 2020

How do I begin this offer? Anything I write is going to come across like a sales pitch.

So here is a, short, list of some of his achievements. He was named Wine Maker of the Year for 2019 in the James Halliday Wine Companion. Rose he has made has been Halliday’s top, or equal top, pick three years in a row (from Deep Woods or Nocturne, as was the case this year for his 2019). James Halliday Chardonnay Challenge winner 2015 (Australia’s most prestigious Chardonnay award). Four consecutive years he was awarded the Best Cabernet or Cabernet Blend at Royal Melbourne Wine Show. He won the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy in 2016. Took out the Halliday Cabernet Challenge in 2019 as well, just because. The list goes on and on, seriously, his cache of awards is verging on ludicrous.

That sets me up for my next statement, which is going to be a big one. Julian Langworthy may be the best young-ish winemaker in Australia today. His work as chief winemaker at the Fogarty group is well known and his home project in Margaret River, where is a rare breed, an actual local boy, is very quickly gaining a reputation as one of the region’s, and indeed Australia’s, most exciting new labels.

Nocturne is Julian and his wife Alana’s passion project, though perhaps today the term project should no longer be used, it has grown beyond that phase I think. Nocturne is the small estate which is focused on producing wines of the highest calibre but, in the case of the SRS, crafted for accessibility and enjoyment. Julian is a strong advocate for Australian Cabernet and his Nocturne SR (Sub Regional) Cab is built around plush and accessible lines. I, and a number of others, have used the term “the perfect luncheon Claret” to describe previous vintages of his Cabernet. Classy wines but also wines that can be enjoyed with friends and food. Cellared if that is your bent but it wouldn’t be a shame to open one young with lunch.

His Chardonnay, while he may not like me saying this (Julian lives and breathes Cabernet), is often the highlight for me in both his own estate and his Deep Woods wines. He crafts really detailed, sophisticated wines and the 2019 oozes appeal and entices with cleverly judged winemaking that underscores ripe, dense fruit that has a surprising burst of energy to it that comes as a bit of a surprise after the first wave of fruit. Really is great stuff.

His Rose, this is the sneaky one. As I mentioned earlier the Roses he produces get a lot of gongs. Nocturne has garnered a huge following among savvy Rose drinkers and always sells out before the reviews come in, except for this year where Mr Walsh has provided his commentary below. Always an energetic, dry and snappy style and consistently one of the best in Oz in recent years, if not the best…

So, there it is. Nocturne’s Sub Regional release for 2020. I can’t speak highly enough about these wines. This is something I urge everyone to get on board with. There is a style here, among his three wines, that will appeal to everyone and all three are more than worthy of your attention. For the quality they deliver most years they are sensational value and Nocturne is the Super Star Margaret River producer you may not know you want yet, but you do.

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