Oakridge 864 Funder and Diamond Vineyard Drive Block Chardonnay 2019

Winemaker and CEO David Bicknell has proved his worth time and again as an extremely talented winemaker. At the top of the Oakridge brand tier is 864, all Yarra Valley vineyard selections, only released in the best years JAMES HALLIDAY

Any discussion of the exalted state of Australian chardonnay today will include Dave Bicknell. Oakridge 864 chardonnays are among the best in the land as well as being at the stylistic cutting edge. HUON HOOKE, Gourmet Traveller Wine

Ok, so, to get it out of the way nice and early, this year there were three Chardonnay that got the gong from the team at the Wine Companion. That is the first time and it goes to show what we have all been saying for a long time, Chardonnay in this country is in a golden era (not the colour like those old blowsy things) in terms of both quality and style.

Now, I will refrain from any kind of rant here. I think it is fair to say we at PWS, and me personally, have been championing this wine for a long time. I will mention this one thing though, because I do every time I write this offer each year, this is MY favourite Australian Chardonnay.
I don’t want to bury the lead or get distracted from the salient point. Oakridge 2019 864 was judged the best Chardonnay in Australia. We were not surprised.

This is, by far and away, the shortest email I have written about the wines the team at Oakridge make, but I don’t think I have anything to add that I haven’t said before and I think the reviews and the award tells a better story than I could.

Sadly there simply isn’t a huge amount of this wine to go around and it sells out every year. Please get in early to avoid missing out on something that belongs in the cellars, fridges and glasses of everyone.

Well done Bicknell and team.