Ogier Le Temps Est Venu Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2019

Over the last decade or so, Stephane Ogier has raised the bar in just about every way possible for his estate in Côte Rôtie: purchasing new vineyards, replanting existing sites, working hard to develop an AOC for Seyssuel and building a completely new cellar—all the while continuing to produce a bevy of brilliant wines. Today, the estate is unquestionably in the top handful of domaines in the Rhône Valley. JEB DUNNUCK, The Wine Advocate

A number of producers who aren’t prone to hyperbole told me they think 2019 and 2015 are the most impressive of this recent run of great years, but for different reasons. It’s rare to find real freshness and detail in wines from a year that was as hot and rain-bereft as 2019, but paradoxically, that’s indeed the case. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous

Here is another one of those offers where we ordered some wine that sold out too quickly. Some of you may remember this from a little earlier this year? I know, it’s 2020, so earlier this year could feel like a long time ago.

The brief recap was that Stephane, always his harshest critic, was adamant that we take some of this wine. He was confident that the quality was so good that we would thank him for it later. Well, it was, and we did. After we tried it the wine sold out in a day. It was just as Stephane had said, the wine was super.

We quickly ordered some more but the vintage had rolled to the 2019. On the back of the previous year and that it was a better vintage for whites in the region, we bought up. The wine has just arrived and Michael got to it before I did, I know that because he sent me a text a few nights back saying something like “I don’t drink a lot of Rhone whites but this is really good”. While I trust Michael’s palate I thought I should check myself, due diligence and all that. He is right, it is really good.

As far as I understand this is only the second, perhaps the third iteration of this wine from the estate and something I get the sense Stephane has been spending a bit of time focusing on. I don’t know where he found any time in his insanely busy life, but if he does something he tends to go hard.

So, here it is. We are very excited to have our second ever allocation of Ogier’s Cotes du Rhone Blanc. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any reviews around for the wine as yet, I am sure they will come though. For now I have included my thoughts below.

We are offering the wine at more than 20% off in a straight dozen. That makes this only $25 a bottle. That’s $25 a bottle for a wine from one of the greatest producers in the Rhone Valley. I think I would go so far as to say this guy rivals, or even pips, the Guigal Cotes du Rhone for the best value wine in its category from the region I have tried this year.