Patrick Sullivan Single Vineyard Wines

Patrick Sullivan and his eponymous label have been around for the last decade or so, at first sourcing fruit from across Victoria before purchasing and planting his property at Ellinbank in West Gippsland. The wines themselves don’t fit neatly into any particular category. For a while he was a captive of the “natural” wine movement but that doesn’t cut it for me either (nor him I am reliably informed). Sure, they’re low intervention but so are so many wines from all sides of the philosophical fence. The Sullivan wines don’t conform to pigeon-holing and the most salient thing about them is that they carry varietal expression, vitality, energy and a real sense of joy.

For Sullivan the most important part of the whole process is the vineyard – growing grapes is his passion and producing wine is a way to give form to the product of his site and a growing season. They are very much wines that give you more than simplistic renderings with a pretty label. They have undeniable depth and connection to the earth. Some extended skin contact provides a textural counterpoint and oak elevage is all neutral and older of varying sizes.

This Saturday we are thrilled to have Patrick himself in store to take us through his new single vineyard releases. These are wines that are really at the heart of Patrick is working to achieve with his eponymous label where a focus on the vineyard is the foundation stone on which everything else is built.

Here is what Patrick has to say about his new releases:

What a crazy world we are in, Climate change has reaped its menace and now we are battling the chaos of a viral pandemic. We grape growers all over the world have battled with rising temperatures, cooling temperatures and horribly erratic weather conditions. The upside of this is that it can only build character and uniqueness at both a human level and what we find in the bottle. In our little part of Gippsland we have seen a cooling trend that has allowed longer growing seasons showing greater richness, depth and flavour. 2019 was cool and slow throughout spring and early summer, things started to heat up and dry out mid to late summer resulting in a small but intensely flavoured harvest. The wines from the 2019 harvest are a testament to our vineyard team, their efforts having allowed for a much more confident approach in the winery. The high quality of the 2019 vintage is defined by its purity, persistence and patience.