Pierre Marie Chermette 2019 Offer

Jean-Étienne Chermette was pleased with the quality of his 2019 vintage, and I can only concur. Finer-boned and more elegant than the fleshy, gourmand 2018s, these young wines are very promising. As I’ve written before, old vines, diligent but traditional vinification and élevage in foudre are the rudiments of the approach here. To my palate, some of the cuvées reviewed here number among the finest values that can be found in French wine, and I warmly recommend any readers who haven’t yet acquainted themselves with this estate to try a few bottles. WILLIAM KELLEY, Wine Advocate

The wines produced by Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette (recently with their son Jean-Étienne) have virtually no equivalent. Their depth and definition place them above the rest. La Revue du Vin de France

From his base in southern Beaujolais, Pierre Chermette has become one of the beacons of Beaujolais quality… DAVID SCHILDKNECHT, Wine Advocate

I love Pierre Chermette’s wines. More than many, many other producers who get more attention than he does. I will come right out and say it, there is still too many producers in the area who have huge reputations and charge top dollar for their wines and a goodly number of them have regular issues with certain faults. Now, before anyone fires back with something I am just saying that I am particular adverse to certain faults in wine and I see a lot of these “cult” producers bottling wines that I don’t always enjoy.

Chermette is unquestionably one of the regions super stars but what sets him up as one of the small handful of true greats, for me, is his ability to capture, and bottle, purity of fruit and terroir. While season obviously plays a key role in his wines, as do the extraordinary sites he works with, each year he seems to be able to craft wines with gorgeous texture and soaring aromatics. Loaded with detail and personality his offerings are always some of the most attractive and personable wines from any given vintage.

2019 is likely, I think, to be the best vintage of the decade. Now, I know that some people will disagree, but the good thing about that is that there has been so many good vintages in the region lately that we can actually discuss several options in a decade, Beaujolais has been very fortunate in that regard. What 19 delivers is a combination of all the good years recently. There is depth and density of fruit. There is ripeness and generosity. The best wines have lovely structure and will age. There is also plenty of verve and energy to counter the boldness many show. The best examples are a complete package and that makes for some brilliant drinking now and will do for years to come.

Chermette has captured the best parts of the year and bottled them. In the glass each has real appeal and a generosity of spirit. His 19s encapsulate the vintage’s inviting, perfumed aromatics as well as the lively fruit profiles and, sweet, well formed and giving tannins. As a bracket they are sumptuous, supple and wonderfully buoyant. A tremendous release from Pierre.

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