Pierre Marie Chermette Beaujolais Les Griottes Beaujolais 2018

From his base in southern Beaujolais, Pierre Chermette has become one of the beacons of Beaujolais quality. DAVID SCHILDKNECHT

Few Beaujolais growers are in a position to pronounce on the region’s different terroirs with the authority of the affable Pierre Chermette. ANDREW JEFFORD, The New France

To my palate, some of the cuvées reviewed here number among the finest values that can be found in French wine, and I warmly recommend any readers who haven’t yet accentuated themselves with this estate to try a few bottles WILLIAM KELLEY, Wine Advocate 2019 – on his 2018 releases

I absolutely love the quote from William Kelley (quickly becoming one of my go to critics) in his review for this wine where he refers to it as “a gourmand, succulent and keenly priced red”. I often talk about a wine being digestible. Something for the table and something to be enjoyed with family or friends. This is one of those wines that is perfectly pitched for consumption.

Pierre is one of the region’s most distinguished and talented vignerons. An affable and warm fella with a welcoming nature and ready smile, behind which is a whip smart intellect and an inquisitive mind. I feel like you see that transferred in to his wines. The Griottes is open knit and bubbling with life and exuberance. Inviting and easy going. It is a wonderful companion to an evening meal.

Up the hierarchy of his wines you see the more serious side of things but that isn’t what I want here and isn’t what makes this such a joy to imbibe. This isn’t a wine to discuss while looking over the rim of a big glass. It is something to drink while cooking a BBQ in the park or dinner at home. A glass (or two) for the chef, while you cook, and the rest with the meal.

I have drunk two of these in a few days. There was plenty in my wine shelf, I just couldn’t stop myself from going back to it. This is the ideal red for spring and the coming warmer weather, but I hate that sales pitch “it’s a good red to drink in summer”. Makes it sound light and flimsy, it isn’t, it’s excellent but it is fresh and lithe so you can drink it in the warmer weather as easily as you can in the depths of winter. It will be getting a lot of air time at Chateau Roscoe in the coming months.

We are offering it at 20% off in dozens, that makes this wine $28 each. That is a lot of wine for $28.