Pierre Peters Big Guns New Arrivals 2020

New Releases from one of the greats of the Grower Champagne Movement – Pierre Peters

The Pierre Péters Champagnes stand out for their crystalline precision, energy and nuance, which makes the, reference-points for what Chardonnay is all about in the Côtes des Blancs and Mesnil in particular for the Chétillons. When I want to drink brilliant, pure Blanc des Blancs, I often reach for the wines of this small, family-owned estate. ANTONIO GALLONI

Very few champagnes more eloquently articulate their terroirs than those of Pierre Peters. On my first encounter with the young Rodolphe Peters, three hours of exploring the fruits of three decades left me mesmerised by the remarkable capacity of the chardonnay vine to extract the salty minerality of the Cotes de Blancs’ finest grand crus and preserve it in its wines for time eternal. I left with the realisation of another dimension to champagne, one in which minerality assumes a personality all of its own. TYSON STELZER

Pierre Péters in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger has been bottling champagne for 99 years, and for the past ten years, it is Rodolphe Péters who is responsible for one of the finest producers in the Côte des Blancs. From 18 hectares in prestigious villages, Pierre Péters handcrafts superbly precise, fresh and complex cuvées.
The 2013s, however, combine ripeness and texture with energy and structure. It’s a vintage that shouldn’t be underrated. I hope I don’t underrate the 2013 STEPHAN REINHARDT, Wine Advocate

Pierre Péters is a hidden treasure of Champagne . . . and the prices are laughable considering the quality of the wines. RICHARD JUHLIN, 4000 Champagnes

Ruinart, Philipponnat and Roederer are among the houses that have new, ultra-high end wines in the market. Growers aren’t being left behind, as can be seen by new cuvées from Vincent Laval, Vilmart, Pierre Péters and others. Readers should be thinking very carefully about building relationships today to ensure a reasonable supply of wines in the future. ANTONIO GALLONI

There is always a good degree of excitement around PWS when this shipment is due. A lot of back and forth, trying to figure out how to ensure these reach the right people before the hoards descend. Along with Selosse, this may be my favourite Champagne allocation in any given year.

I think the story is relatively well known now. Rodolphe Peters is the newest generation of this estate to be producing wines, and, like a number of his friends, he has taken the route of producing terroir specific Champagne. As with a few of his notable compatriots in the region the notion of working your own vineyards in a sustainable manner and focusing on the health of the vines, as well as drastically reducing yields, was considered outlandish when they began but has started to become more regular today.

Situated in the heart of the Cote des Blancs in the village of Le Mesnil sur Oger, the home of great Chardonnay in the region, Pierre Peters has established itself today as one of the top Blanc de Blancs producers in Champagne, with perhaps one or two rivals to the throne. His reputation for producing chiselled and mineral laden wines with crystalline expressions of their place and time has garnered him a rabid following all across the globe. From his Cuvee de Reserve through to his top flight, single site, wines, everything here is absolutely stellar. There is no question he is one of the top proponents of this style anywhere in the world today.

While his NV wines are well known, and well loved, here in Australia, it is the big guns that everyone waits so eagerly to see. This release includes the latest incarnation of Oubliee, a wine that begins with the same base material as the Reserve but aged longer and under cork. The wine has only been bottled as is for a couple of years now and is also used as a component for his MK bottling. It is a thrill ride from start to finish.

Chetillons is the wine that made the man famous. From the most highly regarded sites for Chardonnay in Champagne, it is a cuvee to rival the most prestigious in the area. Chetillons is always poised and focused in its youth and requires a little time to begin to show you the graceful and beguiling wine it can become with patience. As Reinhardt notes in comments about the 2013s “Les Chétillons is one of the top wines of the Côte des Blancs, coming from one of the most famous terroirs in Le Mesnil”.

L’Etonnant Monsieur Victor Edition MK 13, this may be my favourite wine in the line-up. Equal parts 2013 Chetillons and 2012 Oubliee this year. Usually the wine displays all the verve and exhilarating freshness of the current Chetillons along with a little more immediate depth and volume from the Oubliee half. The combination can be utterly and completely captivating.

Also included in this release is a minute parcel of 2004 Chetillons Oenotheque, which should be approaching its peak around now.

All in all, this may be the most exciting release of Pierre Peters to date. Sadly, with all the attention this producer receives the demand for these wines far outstrips the availability in any given year and they sell out extremely quickly. The wines are just about to arrive in Australia and we are offering them with a minimum 20% discount, which is our tradition with Pierre Peters top wines.
If you would like to lock in some of these extraordinary wines, then please do not hesitate in placing your order. Get in soon to avoid missing out.