Poggerino Arrivals - Chianti Classico + 'Bugialla' Riserva

Over the decades we’ve been fortunate to work with so many great producers from both Australia and across the world. One that will always remain close to our hearts is Poggerino in Chianti Classico, run by the brother and sister team of Piero and Benedetta Lanza. From the 1993 vintage we have followed the wines of the then young and talented duo as they renovated their vineyards in Radda on the smell of an oily rag. There was never any Marchesi with a bag of money here, the Lanzas have always done things the hard way but always with a driving intellect and passion for what they wanted of achieve.

From that first vintage the wines were superb value expressions made in a modern style. Over the years the addition of new clones and Piero’s always inquiring mind has changed the wines in that they express an even greater purity of variety and more sensitive use of artifice in the winemaking. These days there’s a maturity about the wine style but nothing is lost in terms of their value.

The 2017 Chianti Classico normale is a plush and rich addition to the run of great wines. It’s a warmer year and some of that comes through in the finished wine, making the 2017 a medium term beauty. A better wine now than the brilliant 2016 which will stand a little more cellaring to see it at its best.

Historically Lanza’s wines rarely were reviewed, but the critics have caught on and Poggerino’s Chianti Classico 2017 has impressed Walter Speller (no mean feat) of Jancis Robinson’s The Purple Pages. The quality of the ‘Bugialla’ Riserva 2016 has also been acknowledged in an excellent review in Galloni’s www.vinousmedia.com. We’re delighted they’ve finally caught on!

We do expect to sell out very quickly given the following we’ve gained for these wines over the years. The ‘Bugialla’ Riserva is very limited as well (as is the case every vintage). We will be honouring a first come, first served structure.

The Aussie dollar against the Euro has not been good for a while and such was the case when these wines hit the water. No one needs more financial woes now so I’ve nudged on price and am offering you savings between 15% (for single bottles) and 20% and beyond for half-dozen/dozens. I’ll leave the tasting notes to the critics below.

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Kaila + The Team at PWS