Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2016

Produttori del Barbaresco is not only one of Italy’s most admired co-ops, but one of the very best producers of Barbaresco. This reputation has been earned by the constant high quality of its output… WALTER SPELLER,

This is another strong set of wines from Produttori del Barbaresco. The straight 2016 Barbaresco is fabulous and also shows just how compelling the year is. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous Media

Produttori del Barbaresco remain one of the fine-wine worlds best value prospects. This ovation has impressively followed them around the globe for at least the last two decades.  They are a co-op winery in its finest form, working with  just over 50 growers and focusing solely on Nebbiolo from the Barbaresco hills.  The winemaking facilities are modern but dedicated to the production of classically styled Barbaresco all under the guidance of long term managing director Aldo Vacca. They never rest on their laurels and the overwhelming consensus amongst critics is that Produttori del Barbaresco in recent years have been producing some of their best wines to date.

Another not very well kept secret is the incredible nature of the 2016 vintage in Barbaresco, as a whole it has created a watershed moment for this DOCG. There have certainly been some excellent vintages leading up to this, but 2016 has honed in a finesse and clarity that screams ‘classical’ in the best sense of the term.  If it were a photograph, the brilliance of colour and details would lift it off the page.

As is usually the case, we have a limited amount of this wine available. It usually walks out the door with a pace as year in year out we encourage customers to stash some of these wines in their cellar. Given the quality of this vintage it would be prudent of me to reiterate this fact.

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