Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

I’ve written this many times before, but it bears repeating: Produttori del Barbaresco is one of Italy’s ultimate values for your money. This truly exceptional set of new releases is a case in point. MONICA LARNER, Wine Advocate

The quiet transformation that has taken place at Produttori del Barbaresco in recent years is nothing short of remarkable. Far from a sleepy, old-fashioned cooperative winery, the Produttori have stepped up their game big time over the last decade or so. The new winery is decked out with gleaming fermentation tanks, while old, large casks have been put out to pasture, replaced by medium size casks that are far more practical. The wines remain reference-points. ANTONIO GALLONI

I think I am developing a “thing” for 2018 Nebbiolo. While the Barbaresci and Baroli are some time away still the Langhe offerings have started to hit the decks and so far I am loving them for their relatively open knit and inviting natures. This isn’t the first one we have offered out and, I will take a guess, it won’t be the last either.

For those not familiar with the producer it is the cop-op of Barbaresco and an icon of traditional wines throughout Italy. The Produttori relies on their collection of the best sites in the region to craft some of the most beloved and sought after wines made there today. In fact their reputation has soared in the last decade or so as the appetite for super old school Nebbiolo has grown dramatically and, perhaps, Barbaresco has also stepped out from the shadow of its neighbour, Barolo, to show the world that it is the equal of that region and a unique, special home to some of the greatest terroirs on earth. For the Produttori it is a little matter of “right time and right place”. They are making better wines than ever and the appetite for those wines is humungous now.

As to the wine, it is flat our gorgeous. Simply put it is totally and completely enjoyable. Every facet of the wine sings of pure, expressive Nebb and it caresses the palate with an abundance of super bright fruit. Lovely, just so damn lovely. A more luxuriant model than I can recall but it is all the better for it. I challenge anyone who likes Nebb to open a bottle of this and not finish it in one sitting. My only regret was that I only purchased one.

If you love Italian wine, which should be everyone, and you haven’t had the pure pleasure of drinking a bottle rom the Produttori then this is the perfect launching pad. If you are a fan of their wines then this is a “do not miss” kind of deal. Plenty of classic Barbaresco character on full display and with all the bits in the right places to make sure this will build on its foundations beautifully over the short-medium term if cellaring is your thing.

We are offering the wine at 20% off in straight dozens or six packs.