PWS Wine Night: Tom Grant SC Pannell Wines

Tom Grant - GM / SC Pannell

The future for the Pannells is limitless, the icon status of the label already established. JAMES HALLIDAY

One of the greatest Australian winemakers ever to make wines in our age. NICK STOCK

I'd volunteer that he's one of the best winemakers in the country. GARY WALSH

Quite often when you meet Stephen Pannell a couple of observations usually arise, primarily his passion and talent for winemaking is immense, secondly you wonder how he achieves everything he does so well?. These days the answer lies in the team he has surrounded himself with. Tom Grant is one of those key people, effectively Steve's right hand man and the guy running the commercial aspect of this winery. In addition to travelling and speaking on the occasions Stephen can't do it himself, Tom spends time in all aspects of the production from pruning vines to hosting events like ours..

Join us and Tom to taste through a cracking snap shot of SC Pannell wines. We will delve deeper into how this incisive teams approach to their wines, land and business in a time that finding sustainable solutions is the key to longevity.

PWS Wine Nights are a series of expert led tastings, but rather than a more formal 'masterclass' setting we host these in a more casual sit down affair. 6 to 8 wines, snacks and some great people to share and discuss the evenings themes. Our hosts will be great people, from various wine backgrounds, views and expertise. Ticket price includes grazing snacks.