Querciabella Chianti Classico 2017

Readers can look forward to a positively stunning set of wines from Querciabella this year and in the near future. Winemaker Manfred Ing and his team continue to fine tune the approach here, but frankly, what comes through most is the tremendous passion behind everything at Querciabella. As for the wines themselves, the 2017s I have tasted so far are promising. Judging by the wines, it certainly looks like Ing and his team are making all the right moves. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous 2019

The Return of the King. While I have been told by the powers that be not to title any of my offers that anymore I thought it was worth sliding in for this particular wine. There is no question that Querciabella Chianti Classico is the most popular Chianti we offer each year and it’s following amongst out customers seems to grow with each release. Justifiably too, the quality at this estate has skyrocketed over the last ten or so years as Manfred Ing and his team push the property towards consistent greatness in every possible aspect of its operations.

A brief recap about the estate. Owner Sebastiano Cossia Costiglioni is a renowned philanthropist and dedicated environmentalist who is dedicated to the concept of working with the land to improve it not just to take from it. Completely biodynamically run and Sebastiano has removed all animal products in the production from vineyard through to the finished wine. Controversially (If you ask Manfred) he even refuses to fence off their vineyards to allow the local wild boar to come through and eat their share of his most prised vineyards, what he believes is just a part of working with nature.

As to the wine, after looking over components in cask, it certainly retains its fresh and lively red fruit, spice and perfume but the warmer year has rendered it a little more richness and weight that the previous two years. The resulting wine is a sumptuous combination of energy and depth. Once again Manfred and his team have crafted one of the best wines I have tasted from the vintage.