Querciabella Chianti Classico 2018

Manfred Ing and his team at Querciabella presented a terrific set of wines. The move towards greater energy and vibrancy that started a handful of years ago is evident. It’s hard to know where to start, as all of these wines are deserving of a mention. The Mongrana is a superb value, while at the top end, the 2016 Camartina really dazzles. But if I were going to start out with just one wine to explore the estate, it would be the Chianti Classico, a model of understatement and elegance. ANTONIO GALLONI, 2020

The 2018 harvest will lead to a five-star vintage for Chianti Classico wines, according to Giovanni Manetti, newly-elected president of the appellation’s Consorzio. DECANTER

With the release of Querciabella Chianti Classico 2018, our search for site-specific quality has found one of its great expressions yet.
Already labelled by many as “classic”, 2018 is for sure one of the most harmonious vintages of the last decade due to regular weather patterns and a prolonged ripening season that lasted well into perfect Autumn days. Thanks to these near-perfect growing conditions and our great timing and precision in picking, we brought to the cellar grapes of exceptional quality. MANFRED ING, Querciabella

There is no question that Querciabella Chianti Classico is the most popular Chianti we offer each year and it’s following amongst our customers seems to grow with each release. Justifiably too, the quality at this estate has skyrocketed over the last ten or so years as Manfred Ing and his team push the property towards consistent greatness in every possible aspect of its operations.

A brief recap about the estate. Owner Sebastiano Cossia Costiglioni is a renowned philanthropist and environmentalist who is dedicated to the concept of working with the land to improve it, not just to take from it. Completely biodynamically run, Sebastiano has removed all animal products in the production from vineyard through to the finished wine. Controversially (if you ask Manfred) he even refuses to fence off their property to allow the local wild boar to come through and eat their share of his most prized vineyards, what he believes is just a part of working with nature.

As to the wine, Manfred and his team have hit it out of the park again. A classic vintage like 2018 really plays to their strengths and the resulting wine is a seamless package of fleshy, upfront fruit, enlivening acidity and melting phenolics. A succulent Chianti of poise and grace. Gorgeous, perhaps the equal of its 2016 sibling.

The wine has just arrived and as usual we are excited. Querciabella is one of the greatest estates we have the privilege of working closely with and their Classico release is one of our favourite every year. We are offering the wine at nearly 30% discount in straight six packs or dozens for the next week before the wine should return to its usual retail price. I urge you to grab some for home, having a stash of Querc on hand is always a good things.

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