Querciabella Mongrana 2017

Readers can look forward to a positively stunning set of wines from Querciabella this year and in the near future. Winemaker Manfred Ing and his team continue to fine tune the approach here, but frankly, what comes through most is the tremendous passion behind everything at Querciabella. As for the wines themselves, the 2017s I have tasted so far are promising… Judging by the wines, it certainly looks like Ing and his team are making all the right moves. ANTONIO GALLONI

The wines are true to their roots, offer lovely harmony and drinkability with excellent complexity. Even better is the fact that the farming here is biodynamic, a welcome practice for the environment and a philosophy that has taken the wines of Querciabella to another level…. The word ethereal truly applies to the character of these wines.
The principals don’t shout about their wines – they’re too graceful and elegant for that. Graceful and elegant – it seems as though I’m describing both the people and the wines of Querciabella! TOM HYLAND, Forbes 2019

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, the owner of Querciabella, has in recent years revolutionized this beautiful hillside winery in the heart of Chianti Classico… The results are wines that sing of where they originate, namely of the unique soil and climate of the area. JAMES SUCKLING

Querciabella has been on a roll over the last few years. I can’t say enough good things about these wines, all of which merit your serious consideration. ANTONIO GALLONI

What Manfred Ing and his team have done at Querciabella over the last decade or so is nothing short of incredible. Today the estate is one of the leading lights of Tuscany, there is no question of that. Perhaps the most noteworthy transformations have occurred in their regular bottling of Chianti Classico and their Mongrana. In the case of the later the Mongrana we see today is built for consumption and designed for ease and drinkability. It is fruitful, mid weight and inviting. It’s aging in concrete help the wine retain its natural freshness and preserves the primary, upfront appeal. The results speak for themselves, it’s a wine that I find very hard to put down.

While no reviews are available for the wine yet you only need to look at its track record with critics and its regular inclusion in peoples “top buys” or “best value” lists to see what’s coming. For me this is one of the more pleasurable Mongrana I can remember and that’s a big call for a wine that is all about that.

You can’t mention this wine without a quick nod to the team’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and biodynamics. All their wines being vegan through to the exclusion of any animal based bio preps in the vineyard. I don’t know another wine estate anywhere that walks the line as tightly as Querc does, its commendable to say the least.

We have just received the new vintage and we love it. We are offering it out to our Italian buyers at a super price, less than $30 each and only $27.50 (more than 20% off) in six packs or dozens.