Quintodecimo 2021

Proprietor Luigi Moio continues to set the bar high - very high - at his small property in Campania. Moio's rich textured whites and red are among the most exciting wines being made in Italy today. I never miss a chance to drink them and neither should you. ANTONIO GALLONI, Feb 2013

This grouping of wines from Luigi Moio boasts some of the very best expressions made in Campania today. I cannot exaggerate my admiration for these efforts made by one of Italy's most celebrated professors of viticulture and enology and his family in the Mirabella Eclano subzone of Avellino. Quintodecimo is a benchmark for Campania wines. MONICA LARNER, www.robertparker.com

Nothing like these has ever come out of Campania before; the wines are unbelievably intense without being heavy or cloying, displaying such deep, vivid varietal and terroir character. Frighteningly good wines. JUSTERINI & BROOKS

Quintodecimo has been playing from strength to strength over the last five years. Located in the heart of Irpinia, the Quintodecimo winery and vineyards were established in 2001 by renowned consulting oenologist Prof. Luigi Moio (think: Vestini Campagnano, Terre del Principe, Feudi di San Gregorio, and Cantina del Taburno). At the time, Moio continued much of his work around the region, while experimenting with Campania’s most important varieties at his own estate... Today, Moio’s main focus is Quintodecimo, and you can tell. The wines aren’t inexpensive, yet what you are paying for is a combination of the perfect source of raw ingredients, impeccable styling, winemaking, and even packaging. Each year, these are some of my top picks for Fiano (Exultet), Greco (Giallo d’Arles), and Falanghina (Via del Campo). What’s more, Moio's Aglianico Terre d’Eclano, sourced from five different parcels in the Taurasi growing zone, always impresses for its power and freshness. As for the two Taurasi of the house, both continue to be big and powerful expressions, yet balanced and geared toward a long evolution. According to Luigi Moio, his goal is to achieve "the finesse of Burgundy, with the power of Bordeaux. ERIC GUIDO, www.vinousmedia.com

Of any producer we have ever imported, Quintodecimo remains as the one that had the most immediate impact with our staff and customers, an impact that remains to today. Within a week of people opening and drinking those first bottles I started getting emails telling me about how profound the wines were and requesting more stock. Then, as now, we get one allocation, they sell out in a heartbeat and then I field emails throughout the next 11 months asking me when the next vintage arrives! For those of you who are new to the winery and wondering whether they really could be that good...well yes, they are that good.

A quick recap is necessary. The vineyard is the pasison project of Luigi and Laura Moio and is located about 40 minutes drive inland from Naples, right in the heart of the quality wine zones of Taurasi and Avellino; the heart of things when it comes to quality wine in Campania.

Moio comes from a winemaking family and has been consultant to many of the great estates over the years. At the same time he is a professor at Naples university teaching the region's (as well as the worlds) emerging winemakers. When he started Quintodecimo his intention was test his theories about Campania's indigenous varieties and figure out how to make them some the world's greatest wines. Being a parochial Campanian he scoffs at wines like Sassicaia being famous and revered saying, it's not even our own varieties! He believes that the truly great wines of Italy come off its indigenous varieties and those wines should be the one's revered by the rest of the world. Tasting his wines it's hard to argue the point.

On tasting the first set of wines he ever showed me at his estate in Irpina some years ago it was hard to argue that he had achieved his goal. The whites - Fiano, Falanghina and Greco - were simply astonishing and like nothing I had seen from any other producer with these varieties. They held so much flavour and weight but at the same moment they were crystalline bursting with energy. Even, the long-derided Falanghina variety is a revelation in Moio's hands.

Notwithstanding the vintage playing a role, the wines have not only maintained that same power and energy but he has even refined that element to bring new levels of palate staining flavour while maintaining huge energy. It's a very cool paradox.

Here's the kicker to the story, he tells me that 2019 is one of the greatest vintages he has produced with perfect growing conditions, so there's cause to be very excited to finally get these wines out to everyone. Over the last few days I have been tasting through the range. They are outrageously good wines and the best set I have seen from the estate.

Despite the jaw-dropping quality of the whites, the reds are similarly brilliant. Of course, being Campania they are aglianico and manage to carry the sometimes foreboding depth of the variety but without the rusticity of the tannin profile seen in so many examples. He told me once that this was the key to the variety, the tannins need to be tamed before. There's no doubt he manages this and over the years his Terre d'Eclano (sourced from five plots across the Taurasi DOCG) is a joy-meets-serious red that plays up the aromatics of red petals, tilled earth and red fruits with a medium body and long, fine-tannin finish.

The top reds of the estate are labelled Taurasi DOCG (the previous wine could be but he chooses not to) and they come off two adjacent plots, one volcanic black soils and the other heavier clays with a base of limestone. The first of these facing south and the latter facing north-west. Both sites are densely planted but because of the soils and exposures tell the aglianico story completely differently. The limestone based vineyard gives a wine with more red fruits, spices and elegance, while the vineyard of deposited volcanic materials gives a wine of blue fruits, chocolate and a richer texture. They are best in show for Taurasi and wines that need cellar time such is their weight and richness.

I guess there not much left to add. These are some the greatest wines coming out of Italy. If you know them already, you'll be lining up to grab your yearly allocation. If you don't and you want to drink some the benchmarks of Italian wine, don't miss Quintodecimo.

Cheers and enjoy