Rosi Schuster Blaufrankisch 2017

I love Austrian red wines. Such character and charisma. GARY WALSH, The Wine Front

..blaufränkisch possesses so many desirable traits worthy of public embrace. They are inviting, spicy, juicy reds that ought to be instantly appealing. They combine the delightful approachability of gamay with the savory warmth of syrah. ERIC ASIMOV, The New York Times

Here’s one for the at home ‘by the glass’ rotation. An autumnal red full of bramble: raspberries & roses mixed with turned earth, spices and subtle but enticing aromas of marjoram. It’s a blaufränkisch from the Burgenland, Austria. But more importantly it’s delicious.

The red wines from Austria have really come into their own since the focus shifted from emulating bigger international styles to finding grace and nuances in a more light to medium bodied style. Championing varieties like Pinot Noir, Sankt Laurent, Rotburger and of course Blaufränkisch.

I believe this shift is one of the most important evolutions in modern winemaking. The idea that excellent wine is the result of getting the best from your patch of dirt. The first was perhaps the global modernisation of winemaking with emphasis placed on cleanliness, temperature control and somewhat reductive handling. Improved viticulture is perhaps a third, overriding movement that is making exploring these lesser known gems more rewarding than ever.

In the case of Rosi Schuster winery all the former rings true, they specialise in local indigenous varieties, farming them organically and looking for low yields of high quality fruit. Fermentations are spontaneous and carefully watched in a mixture of oak and stainless steel open top fermenters.

This is perfect drinking and will rub shoulders with the best Cru Beaujolais and Bourgogne’s on the market, and at a very attractive price, 20% off by the straight 6-pack.

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