San Filippo Lo Scorno Rosso di Montalcino 2018 Offer

Tuscany is Tuscany. It remains the strongest beacon for the great wines of Italy around the world, and as a symbol for outstanding quality wines, it is only going to get stronger. JAMES SUCKLING

Tuscan producers were pleased with the 2018 vintage. While warm, the heat wasn’t as excessive as elsewhere in Europe, and the watchwords seem to be silkiness, elegance and some surprising freshness. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

Roberto Gianelli, owner of the Brunello di Montalcino estate San Filippo, bought this property a few years ago and quickly began making stylish and elegant Brunello’s. He has fallen in love with this small, deluxe quality estate with about 2 acres of vineyards in the Brunello appellation. His Le Lucere, a single-vineyard Brunello, shows a unique, almost Burgundian richness and texture. JAMES SUCKLING

The wine growing area around Montalcino probably conjures up various emotions for different people. For some it may be rolling hills under a blue sky with vines and olive trees. For me it is sitting down to a glass of Rosso di Montalcino and a bowl of Pinci pasta, the idea brings a wide smile to my face straight away.

While the top tier wines of the region, their Brunello, are well known to many and are among the world’s great reds, the Rosso have an equal place in things. The spot they hold is to provide upfront pleasure and a digestible accompaniment to one’s meal while talking to their friends or family. Few wine styles provide such immediate enjoyability and are so readily accessible as the Rosso of Montalcino. Similarly few wines are so suitable to the table and a range of food.

Not many examples that I can think of deliver all of that with the degree of class as the Rosso Lo Scorno from Roberto Gianelli. I first tasted this wine in its infancy at the estate and commented then that it had unusually good pedigree for a Rosso. Now that it is bottled and has arrived here in Australia the promise it showed in its infancy has come to fruition. Roberto’s tendency towards wines of finesse and purity have really paid off in 18 where many wines are of a much larger scale. It’s a beautiful rendition of one of my favourite Rosso.

As seems to be the case at the moment many of the global critics ability to taste and write up wines has been hindered and usually we would have a review for this wine when we offered it. The one thing I can say is that when the reviews do come they will be great. You only need to look over the track record of the wines from this estate in recent years to know that San Filippo has reached that highest tier of producers in the region today.

This is a gorgeous bottling. A wine that is guaranteed to provide a lot of pleasure now and over a handful of years to come. We are offering it at an incredibly sharp price of only $40 a bottle, which is basically 25% off the retail price, in straight six packs or dozens. I can’t talk up the Lo Scorno enough, especially when it is this kind of price.