San Leonardo Special Mixed 6-Pack - Dolomites, IT

It’s a wine that transports you to the place where it’s created, yet somehow also to another time, communicating the aromas, flavors and elegance that are often lost in the Bordeaux blends of the current day. That region is Trentino in the northeast of Italy, and the wine is San Leonardo. ERIC GUIDO, Vinous

If you enjoy classic Bordeaux, if you enjoy the energy and verve of Italian wine, and if you crave experiencing history in a bottle, then you should seek out Tenuta San Leonardo. ERIC GUIDO, Vinous.

It is with great pleasure that I offer you San Leonardo: a producer who consistently creates some of the finest Bordeaux Blends in all of Italy. San Leonardo is one of the most highly acclaimed estates in all of Italy, but is still widely unknown to those who aren’t die-hard Italian wine collectors.

No, we aren’t in Tuscany amongst the intense Super Tuscan competition – rather Trentino; North-East Italy, encompassed by the Dolomites where the Estate is steeped in spiritual history that brings a serenity to the immediate surroundings. A Super Tuscan outside of Tuscany…odd, you say? Yes, quite, which makes these wines even more intriguing. San Leonardo has been achieving humble excellence for over 40 years.

The Estate offers the perfect package for any wine enthusiast: curiosity, intrigue, age-ability, dedication, long family lineage, deeply rooted history, and a picture-perfect setting. San Leonardo is a powerhouse that has held its own amidst the high peaks of the Dolomites for all these years.

I use words like “intrigue” and “curiosity”  because the family has dedicated their livlihoods to tending to varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon in a place where you would expect high-acid and aromatic white wines and delicate red grapes varietals like Pinot Noir.

The wines are a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Carmenere, and 10% Merlot. Before 2010 the Carmenere was believed to be Cabernet Franc (which is what you will find stated on all bottles prior to the 2010 vintage). The addition of Carmenere is what helps makes these wines so very special. Stylistically you can expect similarities to Sassicaia as the winemaker, Giacomo Tacchi, of the esteemed brand, was one of the original driving forces behind the San Leonardo blueprint. In later years another Tuscan star, Carlo Ferrini, took Tacchi’s place as they shifted to a more modern San Leonardo vision. The wines have true sense of elegance, intensity, and restraint. The grapes go through a gentle and spontaneous fermentation process in cement tanks for 15-18 days before individual parcels are transported into a combination of old and new French barriques for 24 months. The wines see 2 years in bottle before the release date.

Curious yet?

You can read an article recently published by Antonio Galloni’s Vinous by clicking here.

Alternatively, click here for a 10 minute video interview with Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga, son of the esteemed producer, Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga of the San Leonardo Estate.

With such intrigue comes a price tag, but today I am pleased to offer a very special deal. There is 15% savings on single bottle purchases, but if you purchase the mixed 6-pack you will receive three of each wine for $150 per bottle. That means savings of $420 per 6-pack.

The wines of San Leonardo are known for their incredible ageability. Whilst they can and should be cellared, they are also able to be enjoyed now. I would recommend opening a bottle of each and putting the rest away only to check on every 5 years or so.

These wines are limited and orders will be honoured on a first come first served basis.

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