Saturday Whisky Tasting - Firkin & Blackadder

The Firkin Awesome Whisky Tasting: Explore the Effects of Cask Finish

What does one of the great characters and saviour of the Scottish whisky industry do in his retirement?  Move to Adelaide and have a little fun.  Join industry layabout, The Big G from the Odd Whisky Coy and the PWS team for an afternoon of Mike Collings and his Firkin awesome malt whiskies. We'll explore the effects of cask finishes on whisky along the way.


Blackadder: A Big, Bold & Beautiful Malt Tasting Where the Cask is King

Some whiskies are mucked about with, some would never raise an eyebrow and some are just so meek and mild you would wonder why you would drink them. And then...there's the malts of Robin Tucek's Blackadder.  Big, bold, in your face and to his devoted fans, just plainly breathtaking drams.  So strap in and hold on tight as we explore the extraordinary whiskies of Blackadder International with The Odd Whisky Coy's Big G.